Greek Debt Crisis Worsens, Will Soon Lead to Another Market Crash; Top Gun Options Sees Considerable Upside Opportunity in Calamity

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The Top Gun Options Trading Team Sees Volatility At Lows Not Seen Since The Last Greek Debt Crisis; Predicts Volatility Will Spike Similar to Summer Debt Fiasco Based on Previous European Debt Woes.

It’s not a matter of if but when Israel will attack Iran. That’s a foregone conclusion. We will wake up one morning in the next 6 months and the world will be on its head

According to the Wall Street Journal yesterday, “Officials on Wednesday assembled the pieces of a complex debt and bailout deal for Greece, but broad Greek political support for the accord, a key piece of the puzzle sought by the government's international creditors, remained elusive after hours of talks among the main political parties.”

The Top Gun Options trading team believes the crisis will worsen and not be resolved this time and predicts that market will pullback as volatility spikes. Top Gun Options is very bullish on volatility. Follow this link to see their current trade, a time sensitive video trade alert on VXX (iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures):

Top Gun Options Advanced Video Trade Alert

Doug Robertson, Top Gun Options Advanced Trader and owner of Blue Water Analytics based in Miami, believes the market will see a replay of what happened last summer. “We’ve seen this Greek drama before. The market gets lulled into complacency that all is well, vol drops to lows we currently see, and then here comes Greece, Act III.” He concluded, “This is a trade that is bullish on vol and capitalizes on what has happened historically with their debt issues. It doesn’t imply the country is any closer to solving its debt issues, and in fact it may be too late for that.”

Here is their time sensitive Advanced Trade Alert on VXX.

Matthew ‘Whiz’ Buckley, Founder and CEO of Top Gun Options, added, “We haven’t see the VIX (CBOE volatility index) in the mid to upper teens since mid-July. Then the last Greek debt train wreck sent the market crashing and vol spiking in a little over a week to nearly 50.” Buckley continued “The Greek unions, people, and a lot of government entities have had it with austerity efforts. They’ve had it with Papademos (Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos) and the rest of Europe interrupting their party in Ibiza. With the ECB (European Central Bank) taking a ‘voluntary’ haircut on some of their Greek debt yesterday, there’s a good chance this may be the final straw. The can can only be kicked so far and we're at the end of the road.”

According to the Wall Street Journal the budget "fiasco" this past summer along with the European debt crisis caused a massive spike in volatility as the market retreated.

Buckley, a former F/A-18 navy fighter pilot and graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) who flew 44 combat sorties over Iraq before heading to Wall Street, said there are more world issues to be concerned with than Greece in the near term. “It’s not a matter of if but when Israel will attack Iran. That’s a foregone conclusion. We will wake up one morning in the next 6 months and the world will be on its head." He added "Vol will spike along with oil and and other commodities like gold and the market will take a huge dive. It’s time for smart traders to get long vol now.” Buckley served as the managing director of strategy at PEAK6 Investments, L.P. in Chicago, one of the largest volatility arbitrage options trading firms in the country.

According to the Financial Times, the S&P has been on a 5 week up-trend and the market is starting to stall with these ominous events on the horizon.

Buckley summarized the Top Gun Options trading team's strategic mindset with “A great rule of thumb to live by is when vol is cheap, you buy it, when it’s expensive, you sell it. If you don’t get long vol now you’re going to wish you did, very shortly. Why lose money when you could profit on bad news? That doesn’t sound nice but trading is combat. There’s a winner and a loser and at Top Gun Options we plan to be on the winning side.”

According to Bloomberg this morning, the ECB (European Central Bank) decided to leave the key interest rate at 1% as they shift their focus to the new wave of Greek debt concerns.

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