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The industrial pipe supplier, Pipestock, are now stocking TracPipe; the latest innovation in gas pipe design. TracPipe can cut labour-costs by as much as 75% and it minimises the amount of fittings needed.

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TracPipe Pipe System

...the latest innovation in gas pipe, shortening installation time and labour-costs...

The industrial pipe supplier, Pipestock, have announced their newest pipe system range which is available for purchase on their ecommerce website. TracPipe is the latest innovation in gas piping, providing buildings with safe gas conveyance through quick and easy installations.

Gas continues to be one of the major energy sources humans rely on in the twenty-first century. With both businesses and private individuals relying on natural gas, its production and transportation is of key importance. The volatility of natural gas means that licensed traders using approved pipes and fittings are involved in the installation of gas pipe systems which supply buildings.

Traditional gas pipe and fittings have been made from copper and steel which can be time-consuming and labour-intense forms of gas pipe. Copper and steel gas pipe systems must be installed carefully with exact measurements and where joins are needed hotwork is used. Hotwork is a time-consuming part of installing gas pipe. Not only does it require great skill but it also requires time in which joints must be cooled before workmen can leave a site. These draw backs to traditional gas pipe systems have been addressed in the new technology which TracPipe utilises.

TracPipe, which is made from corrugated stainless-steel wrapped in a yellow polyethylene cover displaying the word ‘gas’, is the latest innovation in gas pipe, shortening installation time and labour-costs.

How it works:

TracPipe’s semi-rigid design means it has rapidly become a recognised alternative to rigid copper or steel pipe systems. TracPipe is installed between the meter and an appliance and can be used for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Whether for new, replacement or extensions to existing gas systems, the corrugation of the pipe allows it to be run quickly and safely in continuous lengths, bending easily by hand. TracPipe can run the entire length of the installation with no fittings between either end and without the bends altering the internal diameter of the pipe. There are no special tools needed and there’s no need for time-consuming jointing, soldering or welding. Pipestock are stocking TracPipe in lengths of up to 90m or in KITS of 5m, 10m or 15m lengths for one off installations.


There are four key benefits for the contractor who uses TracPipe in their business. Firstly, contractors will be able to win more jobs by being more competitive. The time-saving installation of TracPipe means there are less installation costs and more time to find the next customer. Both these things enable the contractor to offer more competitive prices and therefore win more work.

Secondly, the profit margins are increased because of the products efficiency. With TracPipe’s low set-up time, more of the profit goes to the contractor with less work needing to be performed.

Thirdly, there is reduced waste on each job. Unlike traditional copper or steel pipe where lengths must be constantly cut to be used between bend and elbow fittings, TracPipe can be laid without the need for bend or elbow fittings. This means there are less offcuts to worry about and an ease when tackling unusually designed buildings.

Finally, with no need for hot works there is no waiting time needed while joints cool. This is a huge leap forward, minimising installation time by up to 75%!

TracPipe eliminates the need for bend and elbow fittings and where fittings are needed, for instance in joining two lengths of TracPipe, there are specific fittings designed to utilise AutoFlare technology. AutoFlare technology is yet another advanced design which creates joints through screwing the fitting into place and in turn forcing the pipe to flare inside the fitting in a perfectly symmetrical and leak-free circle.

TracPipe, like all equipment and products used in the transportation of gas pipe, has been subjected to relevant standards and approvals. TracPipe has been tested by Advantica, is BSI Kitemarked and approved to BS 7838. It is therefore approved to all the relevant British gas pipe regulations making it a safe pipe system to use.

Obviously TracPipe can be employed in a variety of different applications but industry experts have pointed out its particular usefulness in older buildings with complicated designs and newer buildings with extensions. The lack of need for extra joints means that where buildings can be complex in shape and design, gas pipe does not need to be.

With this pipe system saving an average of 75% on labour-time it is becoming ever more popular with plumbers and contractors. Additionally, TracPipe can be buried directly in screed or concrete without the need for added protection, it has a working pressure of 75mBAR, is suitable for natural gas, propane and butane, and does not require any special tools for installation!

Pipestock’s new range of TracPipe includes TracPipe: lengths, Kits, Coils, Fittings and Accessories. This means that contractors finally have the product they need to be competitive, win more jobs and make more profit on installations.

About Pipestock:

Pipestock is one of the UK's premier Industrial Pipework Suppliers supplying specialist industrial pipe systems for the conveyance of compressed air, clean water, dirty water, gas and chemical solutions. Their customers range from sole trader plumbing engineers to blue chip multi-nationals.

Supplying pipe systems such as ABS, MDPE, PVC, Corzan, PPh and TracPipe, Pipestock have most industrial piping applications covered. Customers can order through Pipestock's comprehensive ecommerce website or via phone, fax or email. The Pipestock service provides overnight delivery to around 90% of the United Kingdom and now also delivers to Europe.

For further information contact Pipestock on 0845 634 1053 or via:

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