Signal Sorcerer® Traffic Light Changer is Now Available In Two Models

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Iron Horseman Technologies™ announces its newest Signal Sorcerer® traffic light signal changer, the G-4². Just in time for the latest fuel crisis, and still legal everywhere.

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Some vehicles simply don't trigger green lights, and consequently sit at red lights for excessively long periods of time – often for several minutes, even when no cross-traffic is present. Those vehicles that have the greatest difficulty are motorcycles and mopeds, followed by small cars and trucks, and lastly raised frame 4x4 pickup trucks and SUVs.

Many people erroneously believe that the weight of a vehicle is what causes the red light to change to a green light. Here's how the systems work: the sensors buried in roads at intersections are called "inductive loops." Simply stated, an inductive loop is an electromagnet: current is run through a loop of copper wire, which creates an electromagnet. The electromagnet senses iron and triggers a timer, which in turn will trigger the green light.

Like all magnets, the inductive loops react to the presence of iron, which is common in steel. It does not react to aluminum, plastic, or rubber. Also, as with all magnets, the further from the loop the vehicle is, the weaker the magnetic properties become. Ergo, the further above the loop a vehicle's iron is located, the less chance the vehicle has of being detected by the electromagnet, and therefore there is less chance of tripping the green light.

Much of what today's vehicles are manufactured of contains no iron at all, and much of it contains drastically reduced amounts of iron – compared to 20-years ago. And therein lies the real problem with some vehicles tripping traffic lights: not enough iron for the loops to detect! And since each loop's sensitivity is manually set, human error very often causes additional problems with detection.

The Signal Sorcerer® traffic light changer, when installed under any vehicle, 'tricks' the inductive loop into thinking that a very large vehicle is present at the intersection, and so the loop signals the light's timer to go ahead and initiate the cycle and change to green.

Over the past four years, Signal Sorcerer® has been helping motorists "wait less and ride more" in all fifty United States, and 31 foreign countries. Countless two-wheeled enthusiasts around the world have installed a Signal Sorcerer® traffic light changer on their vehicle and instantly started enjoying the many benefits of not having to wait at "stuck" traffic lights. In fact, Signal Sorcerer® has become the motorcyclists' standard of motorcycle traffic light signal changers, and one of the more popular motorcycle accessories. (You can read a typical report example at:

Today, amidst the growing gasoline cost crisis, more and more people are unwilling to waste their costly fuel sitting at a traffic light that may well not change, especially if they are driving a smaller vehicle, a motorcycle, moped, or tricked-out 4x4. Signal Sorcerer® provides these drivers with their solution.

Signal Sorcerer® is also rapidly becoming more popular with fleets, and with security systems situations where the vehicle must trigger the sensor – such as in gated communities, secure buildings, and fleet storage and inventory areas.

The Signal Sorcerer® G-4² has been available for some time, but in an older, less attractive form. It was sold exclusively to fleets, and security vehicles. In response to the growing demand, the Signal Sorcerer® G-4² has been modestly redesigned for even greater efficiency, and then encased in an attractive, permanent, protective sheath. No tools are needed for the installation, which takes a couple of minutes. And of course, the G-4² traffic light changer is legal to own and operate in all 50 states and every foreign country. Signal Sorcerer® uses no power and lasts a lifetime.

If a vehicle sits unnecessarily at a traffic light that refuses to trigger to green, even for a mere three minutes a day, at the end of a year that comes to a total of 1,095 minutes – or 18.25 hours. Not only is this an incredible waste of the driver's time, but it is also a whole lot of wasted (expensive) gasoline.

Drivers are learning the time and gasoline saving benefits of having a traffic light changer attached to their vehicles. They become obvious almost instantly. One thing motorcyclists and moped drivers REALLY appreciate is that the use of a Signal Sorcerer® traffic light changer prevents them from possibly breaking the law by running a light which does not change for several minutes – such as at night, or on less traveled thoroughfares.

The new Signal Sorcerer® G-4² traffic light signal changer is, as are all Iron Horseman Technologies products, guaranteed to please! And the new Signal Sorcerer® G-4² still only costs $19.95. Signal Sorcerer® is hand-packaged by the hardworking folks at Goodwill Industries.

The Signal Sorcerer® G-4² is available throughout a vast network of US and European motorcycle dealers and motorcycle accessories shops as well as on the Internet via a secure connection at:

Iron Horseman Technologies is actively working to enlarge its growing dealer network – focusing more on the automotive market. Iron Horseman Technologies is eager to educate the public that Signal Sorcerer® is not just a motorcycle traffic light signal changer, but a universal traffic light signal changer. Automobile dealers and automobile accessories dealers are encouraged to contact Iron Horseman Technologies at 520-579-1439, or fax 520-844-6241 or click here to start selling Signal Sorcerer® today.


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