What is TransPromo? How Generate Promotional Documents that Customers will Read?

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Who hasn't Received Bank Statements or Invoices of Performed Transactions? Take Advantage of these Opportunities to Include Promotional Messages

TransPromo - Got the Idea?

TransPromo communication is proven to be more economical than other types of publicity and, at the same time, much more effective.

DocPath announces important improvements in its TransPromo functionality with its current version of dynamic document generation solutions. DocPath has been providing TransPromo functionality for years, but with its latest improvements, inserting marketing messages in transactional documents has never been so easy.

===================== TransPromo - Effective Marketing =====================

What is TransPromo? And how do we generate promotional documents that our customers will actually read?

The term TransPromo originates from the practice of combining both transaction and marketing elements in one document. Any enterprise can generate transactional documents, combined with any promotional message it may desire.

Who hasn't received bank statements, invoices, informing us of performed transactions, or other informational documents in the mail? Why not take advantage of these opportunities to include promotional messages?

Why TransPromo documents?
One of the main objectives of any enterprise is to increase its customer loyalty. Maintaining a fluent business-client relationship with its customers enhances the company's ability to know its customers, which undoubtedly increases the company's ability to select the correct proactive marketing message to be included in its invoices or other informational documents.

Including promotional material with transactional documents is nothing new. Companies have been doing this for years. However, employing TransPromo technology is a completely new marketing tool. The big difference is in the message being sent. Now the message can be targeted for a particular client or business sector, or even for the document type being sent. A bank statement is not the same as an investment fund statement. Now promotional messages can be geared to each type of document. In other words, different promotional messages can be used based on the particular customer and on the type of transactional document being sent.

Besides enhancing customer loyalty by targeting promotional messages to particular customers and transactional documents, "TransPromo communication is proven to be more economical than other types of publicity and, at the same time, much more effective."

What advantages do TransPromo documents offer?
1.- Guaranteed reading: Transactional documents such as bills or invoices, for the most part, are documents that people expecting to receive. A TransPromo document better ensures that the included promotional message will read.

2.- Interest: Generally, customers pay more attention (at least for a few seconds) to a bank statement or transactional document than they do to a promotional document.

3.- Impact: Transactional documents are viewed repetitively, to generate reports, prepare taxes, etc.

4.- Cost benefits: Enterprises already must send invoices or other transactional documents. Including promotional messages in these documents instead of sending them separately is a tremendous cost advantage. Additionally, any company's goal is to make sure that its clients receive its promotions. Cross Selling is a well known marketing strategy. It is much easier to sell a product to an existing customer than it is to gain a new one.

5.- Customer loyalty: As mentioned previously, building customer loyalty is crucial. How much does customer loyalty increase with the number of products acquired? Studies exist that can quantify this, but the answer should be obvious: customer loyalty increases disproportionately.

What factors are crucial in TransPromo documents?
Besides the message included in the TransPromo document, color is another factor that plays an important part in catching the prospect's attention. Different studies have shown that using the right color in a promotional campaign significantly increases customer response.

New hardware and software technologies simplify generation of color documents with variable data. DocPath, with its modular products and solutions, completely integrable with existing applications, provides the required technology, as well as the professional service, to automate invoice processes or any other type of mass TransPromo document production, either in traditional paper-based format or electronic format.

¿What benefits do I obtain from designing TransPromo documents with DocPath technology?
With DocPath technology you will be able to:

Include the function of automatically adding a promotional message and the result is total
flexibility in TransPromo document design.

  • Optimize mass document production with superior, professional quality.
  • Generate one document in different languages reusing the same design and programming


  • Preview the final document with an integrated simulator.
  • View simultaneously multiple documents and/or multiple views of the same document.
  • Compress documents for rapid and efficient distribution.
  • Position text in balanced columns.
  • Create a document that can be immediately employed as a Web form.
  • Create documents with progress bars, columns and pie charts (2d and 3D).

About DocPath
DocPath is an international Spanish document technology software company. Founded in 1992 in Madrid (Spain), the company operates two development centers and its Document Solutions, apart from having been implemented in many large Spanish companies, are distributed by its partners to various Asian and European countries.

The company's list of international enterprises from different sectors include prestigious banking and insurance companies and first-line enterprises, all of which have experienced firsthand how DocPath software has simplified the difficult task of designing, generating and distributing their business-critical documents. To maintain its cutting edge, DocPath reinvests half of its revenue on R&D, a critical element of its success.    

DocPath Corp. takes care of all North American customers from its Suwanee GA facility.

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