London’s Cosmetic Surgery Patients to Recover Faster, Reduce Pain And Swelling With Novel Combination Treatment Provided at Specialist Kensington Salon

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Cosmetic surgery is followed by pain and swelling the first few days, may leave unsightly bumps and may make cellulite more pronounced later. A new combination treatment offered in London tackles both pain and swelling at the early stages and smoothens up skin irregularities and effectively tackles cellulite later.

I originally sought treatment in order to speed up recovery after my operation. However, I was so pleased with the improvement in the cellulite on my thighs that I convinced myself to sign up for a full course of cellulite treatments afterwards.

A new integrated post-cosmetic surgery treatment is now offered in Kensington, London by post-liposuction and cellulite expert Georgios Tzenichristos. The treatment, which is very safe and gentle, aims to treat pain and swelling when they are more at their worst, i.e. between the third day and the third week after surgery, thereby bringing London up to date with practices applied in Brazil, France and Italy.

Furthermore, from the third week after surgery patients start receiving a combination post-surgery/cellulite reduction treatment to ensure cellulite does not become more evident after liposuction. This more vigorous treatment also helps smoothen out small lumps and bumps left after surgery. In addition to treatments at his dedicated cellulite clinic, Georgios’ offers an exclusive home service that allows patients to receive care in the first ten days after surgery (i.e. when they need it the most), without leaving the comfort or privacy of their home.

Georgios’ post-surgery treatment is suitable after liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) smart lipo (laser lipo), vaser (ultrasound lipo), breast augmentation/reduction and face lifting. The treatment typically comprises lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy, ultrasound, radiofrequency and strong, cellulite-specific massage, with different techniques and equipment used according to the patient’s needs, areas treated and time elapsed after the operation.

The Lipo Actives, Georgios’ concentrated anti-cellulite cream is used both during and after treatment. Georgios explains that the cream is ideal for post-surgery recovery due to it’s high concentration of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and lymphatic drainage-enhancing ingredients.

The introduction of such a specialised treatment could not be more timely for women that opt to undergo cosmetic surgery. Although the quality and number of plastic surgery operations have soared the last few years in London, the same cannot be said about post-cosmetic surgery care. Georgios claims that his service solves quite a few problems faced by many Londoners who choose cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearance and body image:

  • One of these problems has to do with the small number of therapists truly experienced in providing treatments after liposuction, breast enhancement and face lifting.
  • Even fewer therapists in London feel confident to provide treatment from the third day after surgery - not the third week, or even the third month as it is sometimes still advocated erroneously. In contrast, such early treatments are routinely prescribed by cosmetic surgeons in Brazil where plastic surgery is very advanced.
  • Furthermore, the availability of quality treatment at the patient’s home immediately after surgery is almost non-existent. Home treatment is ideal during the first ten days after surgery, when pain and swelling are more pronounced and patients do not feel like leaving their home.
  • Cellulite and skin looseness become more evident after liposuction due to the removal of excess fat that originally kept the skin taut before surgery. Minor surface irregularities due to scar tissue left after liposuction, vaser or smart lipo add to the bumpy appearance caused by cellulite. Sometimes, when surgery goes wrong even larger bumps are caused due to excessive scar tissue or pockets of fat left unremoved. Georgios’ treatment offers a smooth progression from pain and swelling minimisation in the first three weeks after the operation, to cellulite and scar tissue reduction between the third week and the third month after surgery.

“Like most other patients, I was not aware that cellulite becomes more apparent after plastic surgery or that cellulite cannot be reduced with liposuction or mini-lipo. In fact I thought that my cellulite would disappear with surgery”, explains Gina, who had undergone liposuction on her thighs and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) before seeing Georgios. “I originally sought treatment with Georgios in order to speed up my recovery and reduce water retention in my legs after my operation. However, I was so pleased with the improvement in the cellulite on my thighs that I convinced myself to sign up for a full course of cellulite treatments afterwards”.

Georgios has 10-year experience in cellulite reduction and post-cosmetic surgery care. His practice in South Kensington specialises in treatments after cosmetic surgery, cellulite and nothing else. “We take pride in being really good in a couple of areas, than being OK in five”, Georgios enthuses. “So you will not see waxing, facials, pedicures and manicures offered by us. For us it’s all about cellulite/skin firming and post-plastic surgery care. We do not offer miracles, but we are confident that this is the best possible treatment patients can receive after plastic surgery or if they suffer from cellulite/skin looseness”.

About the treatment:
Georgios' post-cosmetic surgery treatments are available six days/week, 9am-8pm at 202 Walton Street, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 2JL, and also at clients homes in central London. For bookings and more info contact LipoTherapeia at 08000 758142 or visit

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