Hair Loss Website Releases “Progressive” Video on Trichotillomania Hair Pulling Disorder

Share Article, the world’s most comprehensive website providing unbiased consumer information about hair loss and its treatment, has released the third animated video in their “True Beauty” series. The latest video release concerns Trichotillomania (TTM), or “Trich”, a disorder whereby one compulsively pulls out one’s own hair. “True Beauty” offers a message of hope to young women suffering from the hair pulling disorder, challenging them improve their overall health and perform simple acts of kindness to themselves.

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Trichotillomania is hair loss from compulsive pulling or twisting of the hair until it breaks off.

Trichotillomania is a complex disorder that demands sensitivity. Our challenge was to create a minute-long message that was meaningful and that didn’t trivialize the suffering of those affected by it., the world’s most comprehensive online resource providing unbiased consumer information concerning hair loss conditions and hair loss treatments, has released the latest video in their “True Beauty” series. Titled “True Beauty: Trichotillomania”, the presentation is the third release of a planned series of minute-long animated public service announcements created to raise awareness of conditions and disorders such as Alopecia and Cancer-related hair loss.

Trichotillomania is not a hair loss disease even though the end result is hair loss,” explains Michael Garcia, Spokesman for “Rather, Trich is understood as an impulse control disorder, along the same lines as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, nail biting and even compulsive overeating, often triggered by depression and stress. But because it ends in hair loss and often treated by the hair loss treatment industry, we wanted to make a statement on this often-misunderstood disorder.”

Produced by Bright Bulb Solutions, a boutique Internet marketing firm based in Los Angeles, the animated presentation features original illustration, music and animation. Recited by voice actor Wesley Horton, the sensitive narration is meant to appeal directly to young women suffering from the hair pulling disorder:

“True Beauty is attained when we feel good about who we are. But with the stress of modern life we think less of ourselves and - in one way or another - we pick and pull ourselves apart. But the trick to picking ourselves up and pulling ourselves together lies in nourishing our bodies with healthy food and exercise; by nurturing our minds with healthy thoughts; by cultivating healthy friendships. And ceasing comparing ourselves to others. We may find that the most effective treatment for Trich lies in simplifying our lives and in performing simple acts of kindness to ourselves.”

The storyline follows the experience of a young, crestfallen Trich sufferer, depressed and isolated in her darkened bedroom, drinking a soda and pulling at her hair and scalp. She realizes her ability to create any life she wants and envisions a better, brighter and more colorful existence typified by a healthy body and mind, as well as the earned love and security of true friendship.

“Trichotillomania is a complex disorder that demands sensitivity. Our challenge was to create a minute-long message that was meaningful and that didn’t trivialize the suffering of those affected by it,” stated Garcia. “We focused on the base message of that is the heart of our progressive brand, which is: ‘If you suffer from any hair loss condition, improve your overall health through diet and exercise, dabble in fashion and style, practice creativity and cultivate meaningful, joyous relationships.’“

“Will this approach help a young person to stop pulling her hair out? We’ll bet the farm it does.”

View "True Beauty" Trichotillomania video here:

The True Beauty video series is available for free viewing and download on as well as readily available for no-cost syndication on YouTube and other major online video sharing networks, notes Garcia. “Any Trichotillomania-treatment provider or hair loss provider specializing in treating Trich who wishes to assist in our efforts to raise public awareness of the sensitive issues surrounding this hair pulling disorder are being granted free license to embed the videos on their own websites and blogs.

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