Trummell Valdera Highlights Value of HR Managers as Business Partners

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Dr. John Boudreau emphasizes the potential of HR managers as business partners and his colleague, Ravin Jesuthasan, agrees that their role can be more impactful. HR expert Trummell Valdera agrees with their findings, expressing the idea that HR managers are crucial business partners for organizations looking to succeed.

Human resources professionals are, generally, seen as individuals who work on the outskirts of a company. Not involved in the actual development and promotion of goods or services, these professionals are considered, by many, to work outside of the goals and objectives that a corporation may hold. Trummell Valdera, an HR executive and expert, could not disagree more with this idea. She and Dr. John Boudreau, another HR professional, believe that the management of human capital is central to the success of every business. As such, HR managers should be engaged more as business partners than outsiders.

According to a recent press release, Dr. John Boudreau believes that “HR executives can reaffirm their influence and business leadership by using analytical discipline and sophisticated systems thinking in their human capital decisions.” By integrating more scientific, targeted data into HR operations, human resources professionals can cement their role as indispensable business partners when assisting with the development and management of a company. By doing so, they can help other business leaders make the best choices when hiring, promoting, and otherwise managing their workforce.

Ravin Jesuthasan agrees, noting that, “Transformative HR speaks to the next phase of the evolution of the HR profession where we evolve beyond the efficient delivery of services to enabling and educating business leaders to make better decisions about their talent; i.e. HR transforming the organization.”

Trummell Valdera, a leading HR expert, notes that HR managers should have been considered business partners all along. Nonetheless, the shift and perception of HR professionals as business and systems analysts and thinkers will kindle a more successful working relationship between HR departments and company executives.

“HR managers have always played a tremendous role in the running of a business,” commented Trummell Valdera. “From finding the right talent to minimizing the costs associated with hiring and maintaining and engaging employees, they allow businesses to run smoothly by managing the human capital that makes them work. Having the right HR management does more than simply allow payroll and benefits to be handled properly; HR professionals can lead the workforce management efforts of performance management and putting the right people in the right places to allow the creativity and innovation that the best businesses rely upon to take place.”


Trummell Valdera is a human resources expert who has accumulated a substantial amount of experience in her field. Through her expertise, she has led many an organization to success in terms of streamlining the efficiency of their HR operations—and putting the right talent into the right places to improve the productivity of other areas of a company.

Trummell Valdera is a professional who views HR as a necessary component of a strong business model. As such, she recommends that companies consider HR managers as business partners when creating and maintaining a sustainable yet positively growing business.

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