Baseball Fans Now Have a Batting Average?

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Innovative Baseball Website Provides a New Fan Experience by Tracking MLB Stats for Fans Related to Games They Watch. is the fan's original stat portfolio. is the fan's electronic baseball card. It's like looking at the back of your baseball card as a fan, complete with stats for all the MLB games you watch. — an original website concept that recently launched — introduces baseball fans to the new hobby of collecting Major League Baseball stats related to games they watch. By creating a free account, fans can submit MLB games they watch at the ballpark, on TV, on the Internet, or listened to on the radio and get the stats related to those games automatically tracked in personal profiles. Fans can then filter and view stats by various functions according to their preference.

“Baseball fans often cite a player's stats for a particular season. Now, with, baseball fans can cite stats they watch in a particular season,” says Terrence Barthel, creator and owner of He adds: “ is the fan’s electronic baseball card. It’s like looking at the back of your baseball card as a fan, complete with stats for all the MLB games you watch.”

Baseball fans no longer need to wonder how many home runs they've watched their favorite batter hit, for example, or how many strikeouts they've watched their favorite pitcher record. satisfies curiosities like these for fans. It gives fans ownership of stats, more to root for, and an opportunity to get more involved with baseball in a new, fun, and exciting way.

With, fans are able to compare the stats they watch of a particular team or player side-by-side to that team or player's official MLB stats. Fans are now equipped to find out if a team or player performs better when they watch, or if they perhaps help bring success and victory as a fan. For example, a fan might learn that Joe Mauer bats .400 when they watch, while Mauer's official batting average is .350.

Further, enables baseball fans to compare the stats they watch to that of their friends. Fans often employ statistics to debate who’s the better baseball player. Now they can use the stats they watch to answer the perennial debate of who’s the bigger fan.

For the first time ever, provides an electronically-automated, democratic-like platform for fans to earn and compare stats to friends and rivals and use statistics to articulate who is baseball's, a team's, a player's biggest fan... or "UberFan."

In A Thinking Man's Guide to Baseball (1967), author Leonard Koppett says, "Statistics are the lifeblood of baseball. In no other sport are so many available and studied so assiduously by participants and fans. Much of the game's appeal, as a conversation piece, lies in the opportunity the fan gets to back up opinions and arguments with convicting figures."

“Just like Koppett, we recognize the power of stats in baseball and the fan’s affinity to them. We’re proud to provide baseball fans with an experience that enhances spectatorship and makes following baseball even more enjoyable,” says Barthel.

Barthel adds: “43% of Americans identify themselves as MLB fans. provides these ‘fans of summer’ with an unique and entertaining way to appreciate games they’ve watched and anticipate the next first pitch.”

Barthel concludes: “Whether a fan is stat obsessed, superstitious, or all-out avid, fans are emotionally vested in their teams and players, want more direct participation and a greater sense of belonging. Ownership of stats may just become the new currency in fandom.”


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