Media Alert: Super Human Black Men, From Other Planets, Will Appear In Spaceships Over Las Vegas, NV

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Starting Sept. 11 until Nov. 11, 2008, Prophet Yahweh, Seer of Yahweh, Master UFO Caller, will be summoning UFO flying machines for the world to see via the "UFO TV News" broadcast channel. Shortly after the sightings start appearing, a spaceship will descend on Prophet's cue and sit in the sky over Las Vegas for three days.

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There is no possible way the public descent and hovering of a spaceship over Las Vegas, for three days, will not happen on my prayer signal.

According to Prophet Yahweh, "Super human black men, from other planets, are here in spaceships to prove that we are not alone in the universe." They will do this by appearing, on Prophet's prayer signal, in one of their spaceships over Las Vegas, NV. The spaceship will hover in the sky for three days and all Las Vegans will be able to see it, day and night, before it goes back up into space.

UFOs have been appearing to Prophet Yahweh since 1979. Since then, over 2,000 sightings have appeared to him. On May 25, 2005, Prophet proved his ability to summon UFOs, on-command, when KTNV ABC TV-13 (Las Vegas) documented him calling down a glowing orb UFO flying machine.

Also, according to Prophet, these beings are the Angels of YAHWEH. They travel back and forth to the earth in spaceships. On the planet they come from, they have a great King who is the Creator of all things. His name is YAHWEH. He sits on a magnificent throne inside of a glorious Temple that's located between an ocean and mountains there.

Holy YAHWEH has sent His Angels to the earth to wake up black people of slave descent to the fact that they are the original nation of Israel and not Africans. It was in 70 A.D. that the Romans invaded the land of Israel and sacked Jerusalem. Historians say that they were black like the Ethiopians and were driven out of Israel down into Africa where they were later captured and sold as slaves to the Americas.

Prophet says that holy YAHWEH has determined that the time has ended for the black Israelites to be in the lands of their enslavement. Because of this, He has commissioned His Angels to return them back to their rightful land -- the land of Israel. At that time, Yahweh's angels will set them back up as rulers of the world from whence they fell into slavery.

Prophet claims that he is in direct telepathic contact with the angels of Yahweh. Through this means of communication, they have given him supreme knowledge and understanding of who they are, what it's like on their planets, what their beliefs are, and what their plans are for planet earth.

UFO TV News has created a special "Questions and Answers" e-group where people can interact directly with Prophet Yahweh and find out what these space beings have revealed to him.

Prophet says that he has been instructed to build Temples to YAHWEH with landing spots next to them. The main two will be in the wilderness of Brazil and the desert of America. Yahweh's Angels will land at those Temples on a regular basis.

Sometimes, after they land, they will come out of their spaceships, go to a podium and address the world's media and government officials gathered there. At that time, they will make known their plans for the permanent colonization of planet earth. When they get out of their spaceships, the world will see that they are superhuman black men from another planet.

At some point after the public landings start, Yahweh's angels will bring the holy prophets Enoch and Elijah to Prophet Yahweh's Temple. The job of these two prophets will be to unify the black Israelites worldwide, establish their government, and cause all nations to return them back to Israel. There they will meet their Messiah at his return when he arrives traveling with 20,000 inter-galactic battleships.

According to Prophet, "There is no possible way the public descent and hovering of a spaceship over Las Vegas, for three days, will not happen on my prayer signal."

Prophet Yahweh is available for interviews.

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