Face Falling? Los Angeles Dermatologist Rebecca Fitzgerald Taps into Latest Nonsurgical Lifting with Ultherapy

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Baby boomers don't like getting older and they sure don't like looking older! With a new ultrasound skin lifting technology, sagging necks, drooping brows and jowls may have met their match.

Before and After Ultherapy photos Los Angeles

Ultherapy patient of Rebecca Fitzgerald Dermatology

To date, ultrasound – which is the basis of Ultherapy, is the only heat delivery technology which can safely reach the SMAS level and does not damage superficial skin. Deeper delivery means tightening on multiple levels.

Los Angeles may well be the mecca for the fittest and most image-conscious baby boomers in the country, but none of us can escape the inevitable impact of "getting older".

"Age ain't nothing but a number" is a saying we all like to embrace, but age is a lot more than that. Age affects everything, including how firmly your skin fits.

Face lifts have been de rigueur for decades for tightening and lifting. No doubt about it, surgery works, but what are the options for those who aren’t all that interested in going under the knife?

Rebecca Fitzgerald MD Dermatology, one of Los Angeles’ top cosmetic dermatology practices, has embraced the technologies which have the capability to re-contour aging skin – which include both injectables and heat-based collagen impact.

Currently, the nonsurgical choices include infrared heat, radio frequency and now, ultrasound. Since skin tightening depends on how tissue responds to heat, all choices deliver heat with potential for affecting existing collagen and promoting new collagen production. (New collagen is tighter, somewhat like a coiled spring, and this tighter collagen hugs the support structure more closely, providing the firming effects.)

The difference in each technology is, to a great degree, how deeply the heat penetrates and how efficiently it bypasses surface skin. The deeper the heat, and the more precisely delivered, the better the results. This precise deep heat delivery is why we’ve brought Ultherapy to our office.

Ultherapy has FDA clearance for lifting, which is unique among the other technologies previously cleared for firming only. How does Ultherapy “lift”?

First it’s useful to explain how surgical facelifts achieve lift.
Facelifts tighten the SMAS, which is a deep tissue layer composed of multiple fibrous extensions that extend through the fat to the sub dermal /dermal levels of the skin, and these connections cause the three layers of the facial skin to “move together” as a unit. When a surgeon manipulates the SMAS, the lift is long term.

To date, ultrasound – which is the basis of Ultherapy, is the only heat delivery technology which can safely reach the SMAS level and does not damage superficial skin. Deeper delivery means tightening on multiple levels.

By specific methods of delivering the ultrasound-created heat in a very specific pattern at different depths, combined with the visual accuracy which the technician can determine by viewing a live treatment screen, we’re able to create a customizable effect with heat delivered to the most effective depths. The end results provide both lift and tightening.

Is Ultherapy comparable to surgery? Since there is no actual cutting or removal of excess tissue, no nonsurgical technology mimics surgical facelifts, but Ultherapy is, to date, one of the more promising alternatives for those who don’t want the risks, costs or recovery of surgery.

Rebecca Fitzgerald MD Dermatology is located at 321 North Larchmont Blvd., Suite 906, Los Angeles, Ca. 90004. Practice contact is 323-464-8046 http://www.rebeccafitzgeraldmd.com

About Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald:
Rebecca Fitzgerald is a Board Certified Dermasurgeon with a private practice located in the Larchmont area of Los Angeles, California. She is the leading Sculptra provider in the United States and the most requested Sculptra trainer both here and abroad. Dr. Fitzgerald's vision for skin rejuvenation is multi-level, with a particular focus on contouring, by use of injectables and nonsurgical lifting and tightening.

Dr. Fitzgerald's practice is supported by a medical team with advanced technology skills and experience levels, including seasoned Registered Nurses and a Certified Physician Assistant.


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