Multi-Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner: Transsonic TI-H Announced by Tovatech

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Transsonic TI-H ultrasonic cleaning equipment has unprecedented flexibility with variable frequency and power. Sizes range from small bench top units to high capacity tanks for industrial cleaning.

Today Tovatech LLC announced the Transsonic TI-H ultrasonic cleaner line, a product line designed for both industrial and laboratory use. The TI-H bench top ultrasonic cleaner can be switched between two ultrasonic frequencies, 25 /45 kHz or 35/130 kHz.

Low frequencies are for strong, intensive cleaning, while high frequencies are for gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces. Automotive, aerospace, and machine shops use 25 kHz sonication as a degreaser or for coarse removal of lapping abrasives and polishing media and 45 kHz for fine cleaning of oils and mold release compounds. The intensive sonication at 25 kHz can be used by pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories to dissolve or extract difficult samples and by NASA to kill bacterial spores in rocket insulation. Semiconductor, microelectronics, optics, and jewelry manufacturers sonicate at 130 kHz to clean sensitive surfaces (for example a circuit board) and parts with small features and crevices, and 35 kHz to remove oil and grease from metal, glass, and precious stones. High capacity 48 gallon TI-H 160 units are ideal parts washers for thorough cleaning of stainless steel and plastic pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.

Designed for heavy duty use, the Transsonic TI-H is remarkably durable, with a 3-year warranty on the special cavitation-resistant stainless steel tanks.

Ultrasonic cleaners operate by producing tiny vacuum filled bubbles which implode releasing high energy in a process known as cavitation. Normal mode sonication is best for mixing, dispersing, and dissolving samples, as the stabilized frequency forces the liquid to circulate and mix. In Sweep mode, the frequency is shifted continuously to ensure that cavitation occurs uniformly throughout the tank. Cleaning glass, metal, or plastic surfaces is most thoroughly achieved in Sweep mode. Freshly mixed cleaning liquid does not clean efficiently until fully degassed, as dissolved gas suppresses cavitation. The TI-H industrial ultrasonic cleaner easily switches between Normal, Sweep, and Degas modes, for mixing, cleaning, and degassing, respectively.

The TI-H has a microprocessor-controlled generator which self-adjusts to the load in the tank, delivering consistent ultrasonic power for both large and small loads. This level of process control in a bench top ultrasonic cleaner is unique to Elma. The microprocessor-controlled Sweep mode affords excellent sound field distribution for reproducible and thorough cleaning throughout the tank.

Transsonic TI-H ultrasonic cleaners are available in 9 sizes: TI-H 5 (1 gallon), TI-H 10 (3 gallon), TI-H 15 (4 gallon), TI-H20 (5 gallon), TI-H 25 (7 gallon), TI-H 55 (15 gallon), TI-H 80 (22 gallon), TI-H 115 (30 gallon), and TI-H 160 (48 gallon). Special hinged covers for thermal and acoustical insulation are available for the smaller units (up to 5 gallons). The simple and elegant design of the control panel makes it easy to select ultrasonic mode and frequency, power level, time, and temperature.

For more information about Transsonic TI-H ultrasonic cleaning equipment, visit Tovatech on the web

About Elma GmbH & Co. KG:
The name Elma has represented quality and know-how in industrial ultrasonic equipment for 50 years. Elmasonic products are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards of excellence. The Elma ultrasonic cleaner product range is the largest in the world, from small table top units to fully automated industrial cleaning lines. Elma's manufacturing facilities are certified according to DIN ISO EN 9001.

About Tovatech LLC:
Tovatech LLC is a distributor of laboratory instruments to the US, Canada, and Mexico. Tovatech is staffed entirely by scientists who seek to aid other scientists and engineers in selecting the right instruments for their work. Tovatech also sells the HPLC Liquid Flowmeter - The FlowCal 5000 and the Kern Moisture Analyzer Line. Information about all Tovatech products is available on the web.

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