Surge in Applicants for UK Uniform Tax Rebate at New Website

The recently launched Uniform Tax Claim website has seen a surge in applications from those seeking an income tax rebate related to their work wear costs.

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Uniform Tax Claims

(PRWEB) February 21, 2014

When the Uniform Tax Claim website recently went live, its aims were to help UK workers that incur uniform and specialist work wear expenses claim back income tax overpayments related to these expenses. The structure of the site was based around answering common questions of those who wear uniforms to work in the UK, and then providing practical advice on how initiate a uniform tax claim.

After being live for only a short amount of time, the website manager added a new feature to the site which has gone on to become it most popular attraction. That feature was a form that links the site to their tax rebate service which handles claim related to uniform expenses on behalf of UK based workers. “We were already offering an assistance service for those wishing to claim overpaid tax” the strategic manager of the website reported. “But we didn’t offer this service on the website until we realised that our readers still needed that end to end assistance, despite reading our guides on making a claim themselves” he further expanded.

Despite providing lots of online information explaining how the uniform tax rebate process works, as well as how to make an application, many visitors to the website were still having trouble. Some weren’t sure if they applied, while others didn’t know how to start the claim back process. Once the emails started flowing in from confused UK workers, the site’s owners knew they need to link up their tax rebate advice service, with the website itself.

“We found ourselves fielding emails from workers who were unsure if their compulsory work wear was covered or not. In most cases it was. Answering all these queries soon became very time consuming so we decided to create an automated service for handling these queries and starting user’s claims for them, on their behalf, should they so wish” the head of marketing explained.

Since then the website has helped many UK workers claim back income taxes they’ve incorrectly paid over the last four years. “We get lots of happy emails from people we’ve helped, sharing how they now pay less income tax each year, due to the HMRC taking their uniform upkeep costs into account, as well as getting a nice lump sum based on previous years of overpayment” the site manager explained. “It’s nice to know we are making a difference” he shared.

As word spreads of this little known tax rebate, many UK workers are sure to start wondering if they are entitled to a tax rebate and lower yearly income tax payments in the future. With websites like Uniform Tax Claims in operation, they should be able to find out easily if they quality, and be able to make an application without too much effort on their part. This means for this type of website, the future looks increasingly bright as word about their services spreads.