Secure a Future by Investing in Gold with United Gold Direct

United Gold Direct is now offering potential investors a complimentary Gold Investors Kit that makes investing in gold easier than ever.

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United Gold Direct Offers Simple and Efficient Ways to Convert Cash to Gold for American Consumers Searching for Asset Protection  | United Gold Direct |

United Gold Direct |

United Gold Direct is now offering potential investors a complimentary Gold Investors Kit that makes investing in gold easier than ever.

Westlake Village, CA (PRWEB) February 14, 2014

The public is assaulted on a daily basis with the ups and downs of the NYSE, Nasdaq, S&P 500, not to mention the plethora of investment companies looking to capitalize on the volatility of unpredictable markets and fly-by-night companies using money from individuals who are simply looking to be responsible and wise with their savings so they can grow their nest egg. As people have seen again and again, generation after generation, new companies and investment “opportunities” come and go and volatility within the stock market is the norm. But there has been one investment that has always weathered the storm of the markets and provided a stable and safe investment for people throughout the years: Gold. Gold has always been the standard by which wealth is measured, and that is still true today. Many smart investors see through the machinations of stock investment and go with the side of financial history for the best investment around in the world’s most coveted precious metal. To make the gold investing process easier than ever, United Gold Direct is now offering free Gold Investors kits. With companies like United Gold Direct, securing one’s financial future is easier than ever and accessible to everyone.

Investing in gold hasn’t always been something the general public could easily do from their home. But United Gold Direct is making that very thing possible. Headquartered appropriately in the gold rush state of California,
United Gold Direct is a nationally recognized leader in the precious metals industry, helping people balance their investments with gold and silver in all 50 states. The company has various ways people invest in gold, including putting gold and silver in IRA’s, transferring or rolling over 401(k) plans with employers to a Gold, Silver or Precious Metals IRA, and also buying gold and having it delivered physically to the investor’s home. United Gold Direct specializes specifically in precious metals, so their expertise in gold investment is second to none. Potential investors can find a wealth of information about the different ways to buy and invest in gold to best fit their personal financial needs and interests. Even the riskiest of investors will often add gold to their investment portfolio to diversify and secure their finances. As former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan said, “Gold is the only safe store of value.”

Prospective gold investors and buyers can request a free investor kit from the UGD website. They can also find further information about the history of gold and their track record of performance as well as step by step details about how to purchase gold to be sent directly to the buyer. With the uncertainty of the marketplace as Americans have experienced over the past several financially volatile years, it’s reassuring to know that some investments are still worth their weight in gold. Anyone interested in finding out more can get a free gold guide and get more details about United Gold Direct’s services by calling 888-502-3222 or by visiting them online at


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