BustaPhone.com Asks "Will New Anti-Unlock Law Create Backlash From Cell Phone Users In Wake Of Claims Of Constitutional Rights In Mobile & Social Commerce Industries?"

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The practice of unlocking cellphones without carrier permission so customers can use a device with another network became illegal on Jan. 26. The new ruling has many consumers outraged and questioning constitutionality of ruling says http://BustAPhone.com

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New Ruling Says It's Illegal to Unlock Phones Will Consumers Comply?

New law has Constitution lovers up in arms about, not guns, but cell phones.

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Will new ruling see consumer 'back lash' as customers try to keep their phone? Customers are used to 'porting their number' will this new 'law' be changed?

No doubt, this new ruling leaves customers asking questions and sharing petitions Online to try and get the new ruling reversed. Asked if it will hamper new customer acquisition for his growing Solavei team, Michael D. Butler founder of BustaPhone.com says, "we intend to fully comply with the law and have ceased unlocking of phones until this 'blows over' but we are also taking advantage of this opportunity to inform customers 'buyer beware' of the 'golden handcuffs' and do your homework before you sign a long-term contract with any carrier," says Butler.

"The new law, which went into affect Saturday, applies to devices purchased after today, came about in October when the Library of Congress’ Register of Copyrights, which determines exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), ruled that unlocking cellphones and tablets without carrier permission should be illegal," link to full story: (link to full story)

In its decision (PDF), the Copyright Office said there is now “a wide array of unlocked phone options available to consumers,” so reversing the unlocking policy would not have an adverse effect. At the time of the ruling, the Copyright Office provided a 90-day grace period, which ends tomorrow.

In recent news, a few weeks before the ruling, from BustaPhone.com customers were encouraged to unlock and use the carrier of their choice. "Consumers will now need to pick a phone early, do their homework and avoid the 'golden handcuffs' of the unscrupulous carriers who try to enforce medieval practices and unfortunately have the backing of our US Government for a time. I suspect there will be consumer backlash and 'we the people' will prevail."

Unlocking a cellphone usually requires entering a code or using some third-party service to remove restrictions on a phone that lock it down to a specific carrier.
Once unlocked, you can use a handset with any compatible network. Aside from the freedom of being able to move between providers, it was also useful for those traveling overseas, who can simply buy a local SIM card and pop it into their phone — a cheaper alternative to a domestic carrier’s international roaming charges.

Time will tell whether the ruling will stand but for now, no unlocking can happen legally.

BustaPhone.com is providing a complete list of compatible phones that do not require unlocking.

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