Political News Analysis Website, Unpartial.com, Launched by Stremor Before the Opening the Republican National Convention.

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Stremor Corp, a Scottsdale, Arizona technology startup, launched Unpartial.com, a news aggregator website that takes advantage of Liquid Helium, their language heuristics engine that analyzes political news content to help users understand the bias and spin inherent in contemporary coverage of politics. Launched on the official start of the Republican National Convention, the website is an extraordinary tool for understanding the evolution of political rhetoric in the news.

unpartial.com - powered by Stremor

unpartial.com - powered by Stremor

But the opportunity to apply our technology to political news during an election season was too tempting to resist. The end result shows that Liquid Helium performs beautifully and does everything we hoped it would do.

Just in time for the Republican National Convention, Stremor launched Unpartial.com, a real-time political news aggregator and scoring system. Unpartial.com is a showcase for Liquid Helium, their language heuristics engine that scores the news for political bias, reading level, writing style and even “truthiness.” Using language heuristics, Unpartial.com analyzes the context of an article and allows the reader to see the news from all available perspectives. The analysis is then presented through rich iconography that explains the political slant, reading level, and other meaningful indicators, along with their machine-generated synopsis of important points.

Unpartial.com was conceived as an online destination to showcase Stremor Corp’s marquee product, Liquid Helium, which is a language heuristics engine that analyzes written content on a broad range of metrics and semantic benchmarks. “Our technology is a completely new approach for crawling content,” says Brandon Wirtz, Stremor’s CTO. “We can look at a news story and tell if the writer is being supportive of political agendas as well as compare the relative believability of their statements.” Additionally, the technology provides scores on attributes such as writing style, reading level, sources used, and whether or not it contributes to a broader polarization of the issues.

“We didn’t set out to be a political news site,” says Bill Irvine, Stremor’s CEO. “But the opportunity to apply our technology to political news during an election season was too tempting to resist. The end result shows that Liquid Helium performs beautifully and does everything we hoped it would do.” Followers of their Facebook page were provided with early beta test passwords and the results were incredibly encouraging. “It was like people were craving this product, but just didn’t know it yet,” continues Irvine. “The response, so far, has been well beyond our most hopeful expectations.”

The Unpartial.com system is capable of discerning the level of opinion expressed in an article, in addition to detecting conservative or liberal bias. “When we started building Unpartial.com, I honestly expected to see more pro-party news," continues Wirtz. "What we ended up finding is coverage that was incredibly negative overall. For now, there seems to be less overt political bias and more expression of bias as negativity towards the other side. There is more coverage of the missteps, than of the successes.”

Full stories are presented from the Associated Press with deep analysis of related stories from over 70 political feeds, including The New York Times, Salon, The Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, The Daily Beast, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, National Review, Forbes, and Fox News, among others.

Stremor Corp is an online technology startup, focused on a total mobile-first strategy that utilizes the power of Liquid Helium for a fresh rethink of online content discovery, consumption, and creation. Located in Scottsdale, AZ, they currently staff eleven full time employees with ambitious plans for growth and expansion through future product releases.

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Mary Anne Izbicki, Press Relations
Stremor Corp

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