The U.S. Dollar is Compared to a Choking Person in the Current Absolute Wealth Newsletter

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The recent Absolute Wealth newsletter just published “The Naked Dollar” by James Gorrie, which compares the U.S. Dollar to a someone choking.

The U.S. Dollar Is Choking

The U.S. Dollar Is Choking

There is certainly nothing behind the dollar, no gold, and only decreasing economic strength, both relatively and absolutely.

“The Naked Dollar” by James Gorrie published in the recent Absolute Wealth newsletter makes the comparison of the U.S. dollar to someone that is choking. The recent Absolute Wealth newsletter explains that when someone is choking, nothing gets in and nothing gets out, then of course, the one who is choking eventually suffocates, and dies.

With high unemployment rates, the new Absolute Wealth newsletter explains, along with the trillions of dollars that have been printed, the U.S. dollar has been devastated as a viable currency. The cost of borrowing a dollar has been pushed down to record low interest rates, at or near zero, reveals the current Absolute Wealth newsletter. Even this “zero bounding” of the dollar has not been the stimulus to the economy expected.

Today’s Absolute Wealth newsletter remembers that in previous Absolute Wealth newsletters “The Gorrie Details” column predicted that negative interest rates were coming. One explanation is to dis-incentivize the parking of huge amounts of cash by banks and individuals, explains the recent Absolute Wealth newsletter, punishing savers, sending even more money into the banks’ coffers. The banks have concluded, the Absolute Wealth newsletter today reported, that not making any interest on their money is better than losing it.

Negative interest rates could be very bad news for the dollar, predicts the Absolute Wealth newsletter today, and for the long term unemployment rate.

Today the Absolute Wealth newsletter explained that there is certainly nothing behind the dollar, no gold, and only decreasing economic strength, both relatively and absolutely With the prospect of negative rates, advises today’s Absolute Wealth newsletter, there will be less than nothing in front of the dollar either.

The Absolute Wealth newsletter today explains that with no interest to be earned, and a safety aspect of the dollar that is no longer real, foreign investors will have no reason whatsoever, to want it. Information about the economy, finances, investment, stocks along with a variety of other topics are regularly discussed in “The Gorrie Details” column by James Gorrie in the Absolute Wealth newsletter.


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