Our Economy is Falling -- The All American Clothing Co. Strives to Pick it Up and Create Jobs

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In an election year with the American economy at a high level of discussion, the All American Clothing Co. reveals a simple solution.

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All American Clothing Co.

...if every American citizen spent just $100 a year on USA Made items. This would create over $31.4 billion in revenue.

America is facing adversity. The American unemployment rate is at 7.8% and millions of citizens are out of work. 46.7 million Americans are on food stamps and 53% of recent college graduates cannot find work. Also, a national debt over $16.1 trillion continues to pile up. The American economy is falling.

Many feel the U.S. economic recovery should be left in the hands of the politicians in Washington. Many of these leaders have welcomed this idea as many have proposed legislation and plans for economic growth. All of this takes time. After this, even more time is spent as partisan sides are exchanging opposing ideas. Thus, nothing gets accomplished quickly.

If America is to rise out of its economic hardship, U.S. citizens must lend a hand to pick it up. Americans can make a difference and help the economy far more quickly than the leaders in Washington. The difference American citizens can make is simple. It starts in buying USA Made items.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are 314,633,365 American citizens (As of Oct 23, 2012). Imagine if every American citizen spent just $100 a year on USA Made items. This would create over $31.4 billion in revenue. That number alone creates thousands of American jobs. These are jobs that will help citizens get off food stamps, college graduates will find work, and these jobs will improve our national debt. Also, these jobs could be created while leaders in Washington are still proposing plans and legislation.

With the United States manufacturing more items today than any other time in its history. Finding needs such as USA Made clothing items shouldn’t be a hassle for consumers. In fact, America makes more than $7.1 trillion worth of goods each year. This is more than China, Germany, Japan, or any other country on earth. 70% of the American economy is driven by consumer spending which means Americans are clearly spending. Think of the many jobs that can be created if that 70% of consumer spending was spent on USA Made items only.

So what does All American Clothing Co. do when America faces adversity?

What Americans always have done. All American Clothing Co. takes a stand. They manufacture American Made clothing items. All American Clothing Co. also buys American made items such as notepads, pens, and paper for their facility. They even have American Made toilets! The All American Clothing Co. can support American jobs and overcome the obstacle of the economy. And it`s all made possible together with the help of many American citizens who carry the same passions as they do.

About All American Clothing Co.
All American Clothing Company is a genuine success story of a small company in today’s economy. The company’s employees believe in “USA made matters” as they strive to foster loyalty among customers. The employees are experts in product quality and World Class service. To find out more about the passion and success of All American Clothing Co. go to http://www.allamericanclothing.com and read the tab “Our Story.” You can also follow them on Facebook.

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