Used 2002 Ford Taurus Engine Now Included in Duratec Motors Inventory for Vehicle Owners at

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Used 2002 Ford Taurus engine is now included inside the Duratec inventory of engines for consumers online at the company. This Duratec engine series is now listed for sale online at a lower than standard issue price for vehicle owners replacing a motor.

Used 2002 Ford Taurus Engine
The integration of the 2002 series motors in the company inventory is now possible thanks to recent company agreements put into place with suppliers.

The Ford Taurus helped to promote the Duratec brand of engines prior to the termination of its production run in 2007. The Duratec 3.0 engine was used in the Taurus as the best-selling model and these replacement engines can now be purchased online at the company. The used 2002 Ford Taurus engine inventory now supplied to the public includes the 3.0 Duratec motor series at These preowned motors are now part of a Ford unit expansion that includes multiple types of V6 engines used in cars, trucks and SUVs.

The placement of the Vulcan V6 engine in the late 1980s helped to provide a power increase for Taurus owners. The growing sedan market was lead by vehicles able to provide more power than the standard four-cylinder series motors. Locating a motor placement for the V6 Ford editions can bring more than one complication for buyers. Issues like high mileage, excessive wear and tear or out of stock notices can make it more difficult to replace a vehicle engine.

The integration of the 2002 series motors in the company inventory is now possible thanks to recent company agreements put into place with suppliers. These agreements are helping to grow the total inventory of motors currently listed for sale online.

The Used Engines Co. introduced several customer incentives this year aimed at increasing customer satisfaction. Changes made to the ways that prices are produced has helped draw new interest in the company website. The previous listings of engines in stock have been removed in favor of a quotation system used by customers. This new form of price delivery has virtually eliminated research that traditionally takes place away from the company website.

The system for quotes is now capable searching the entire database inventory online for an exact engine match. A match now produces an immediate price quote for customers and allows easier comparisons with other prices found online.

The introduction of the 2002 Ford Taurus motors is one example of recent changes made to the company policies this year. The new distribution contracts in place with top suppliers has created easier routes of shipment on the West Coast. The news launched online at was used to inform engine buyers in California of the new shipments available.

Since the publishing of this release, the remainder of the bay area cities have been included in the distribution points now offered. This West Coast distribution is now expected to increase the sales processed through the company suppliers.


The company grants customers with immediate access to its preowned engines database of import and domestic motors online. This database is now supplied by leading distributors in the U.S. capable of expediting shipments to customers. The updated agreements now signed and in place have broadened the inventory numbers that are searchable through the website. The addition of the price quotation system in use online is now one effort responsible for an increase of engine price quotations in all 50 U.S. states. The toll-free company number remains a popular offline method to receive engine details or inquiries for pricing or shipments.

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