Used Chevy Tahoe Engine in 5.3 Size Now for Sale in GM Inventory at

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Used Chevy Tahoe engine in 5.3 size is now included in the inventory of GM motors for sale at the company. These Vortec based engines are part of the preowned condition GM engines that have been included online and listed for better prices this year.

Chevy 5.3 Engine for Sale
This company now relies upon distribution by secondary suppliers to help fulfill its engine shipments.

The Chevy Tahoe introduced the 5.3 V8 motor block to the large sized SUV industry in 1995. Replacement engines for this size have now been added for online sale at the company. This company now sells used Chevy Tahoe engine inventory in 5.3 size to mechanics and owners of GM vehicles at

These motors have been introduced inside the current inventory for sale to assist buyers with locating low mileage V8 Vortec engines for a better price. This company now relies upon distribution by secondary suppliers to help fulfill its engine shipments.

Multiple engines have been used inside of the Tahoe during its production. The 4.1 V6 was the smallest motor used prior to the 5.3 V8 installation. Additional vehicles in the Chevrolet family have used the 5.3 as the base motor due to the horsepower and enhanced fuel economy. The announcement for the Tahoe series motors online is expected to reach truck owners and mechanics searching for better ways to replace a worn out engine.

The discount pricing attached with this engine series is part of GM price decreases enacted this year. The partner network supply companies offering engine shipments to the public help to create the price points now in place.

"Chevrolet engines usually have a higher resale value that adds to the demand for replacements," said a source representing the company. Because General Motors is listed as the number one automaker in the world, replacement motors can vary in price when researched online and offline. The pricing that is attached with some engines does not include protection for breakdown or parts failures. A warranty policy was announced earlier in the year for all preowned engines in stock. This new warranty now applies to the Tahoe motors in V8 size that are shipped within the 48 continental states.

The Chevrolet engines that are found through searching the company website online includes multiple displacements for vehicle owners. While the V8 5.3 remains popular, the V6 editions of the Vortec brand continue to be requested by some consumers who own compatible trucks and SUVs. The news announced by the company at introduced the public to the 4.3 V6 engines late last year. Since the release of this information, additional compact pickup truck engines and SUV motors have been included online due to additional supplier upgrades.


The company launched its searchable resource for engines online in 2009. Multiple technological upgrades have been announced by this company and installed for consumers to use online. The growing supply chain partners providing engines to this company help lower the overall purchase price for engine replacements for consumers. The company specialists maintain a toll-free customer support number for parts lookup requests and other information. The expanded import and domestic inventory provided by this company seeks to fill in secondary market supply gaps in some parts of the United States.

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