Used Engines from Now Include a 30-Point Inspection By Certified Mechanics

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Used engines that are sold online could contain hidden problems if not inspected before sale. The used engines dealer,, is including a 30-point inspection for every used engine before it is shipped to guarantee quality for customers.

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"There are many photos published on websites that appear to be fantastic engines. The reality is that some dealers are not very honest with descriptions and photographs and sometimes deliver engines that are less quality than described.

Used engines bought online are an example of one of the ways that an automobile owner can save money when an engine problem renders a car motionless. Taking a broken down vehicle to a mechanic or dealership can come with a much larger expense for an automobile owner that does not have an active warranty. Buying a used engine from a catalog or other publication is a process that has been popular for decades. One online dealer,, announces that every customer will receive additional protection for their purchase due to a new 30-point inspection system. Certified mechanics now handle the acquisitions and dynamometer testing for used engines before each engine is sold to the public.

This new 30-point inspection is designed to locate any problem that could be present deep inside of an engine before it is sold to a consumer. “There are warning signs that we can detect and immediately take appropriate action when problems are discovered,” said Mike Jones, Lead Engine Mechanic at This 30-point inspection is available to every customer and business owner that purchases used engines for sale online. Creating authority is one of the challenges that online engine dealers face when selling engines from a website. "There are many photos published on websites that appear to be fantastic engines," added Jones. "The reality is that some dealers are not very honest with descriptions and photographs and sometimes deliver engines that are less quality than described," Jones said.

The age of an engine is one factor that someone buying an engine can have concerns about. Car, SUV and truck engines that are between 5 and 10 years old can have high mileage on them and this can affect the overall performance. Professional engine testing includes the use of a dynamometer that is able to test each engine for compression problems, fluid leaks and can determine the actual mileage count on each engine. The investment into this technology is an expense that not every engine dealer can afford. The competitive nature of the used engines business can sometimes breed unfair competition and there are consumers that end up on the losing side of what they thought was a fair deal. Some problems might occur during the shipping process from a warehouse to a customer’s location. "We have a professional team of associates that ship out engines daily to every corner of the world," said Joe Tau, Logistics Coordinator at "Every freight company that we work with gives us excellent service in the handling of our engines," added Tau.

The buying and shipping of Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Japanese Domestic Motors is one of the hidden arts that the average consumer never gets the opportunity to witness. Engines arrive each day in cargo containers at every sea port in the U.S. and these engines are routed through distributors and sent directly to sellers like Apart from the 30-point inspection and testing process, now includes a 3-year warranty with every used engine purchase to provide a level of assurance to mechanics, body shops and consumers. Any problems with these used engines for sale are fixed promptly should an issue happen at anytime during 36-months after purchase.


Since launching its used engines website in 2010, has built a network of satisfied customers in the U.S., Canada and in some foreign countries. Customer service is not a lost art from this retailer. Management has made appropriate investments and trained hired employees to be total engine experts. A 3-year warranty combined with customer service and inspected engines has helped raise its first quarter 2012 sales over 30 percent compared to sales during the first quarter of 2010.

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