This Year's Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Big Fat Balloons

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Knowing that Valentine’s Day is filled with expectation (and stress), Big Fat Balloons, the online helium balloon and gift store has put together its top ten Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Ranging from expensive to inexpensive, friendly to intimate, this top ten Valentine’s Day gift list is designed to make it a happy Valentine’s Day for everyone.

Valentine's Day Balloon Gift

Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Valentine’s Day comes with a great deal of expectation and stress and finding an appropriate gift can be difficult. We’ve tried to offer Valentine's gift ideas that vary from inexpensive to expensive, and from friendly to more intimate.

With February 14th fast approaching, card shops and store fronts are rapidly turning red with heart-shaped reminders of the most romantic day of the year.

But deciding on a Valentine's gift to impress a loved one isn’t always easy, which is why Big Fat Balloons, the balloons, teddy bears and gifts store, has put together its top ten gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Sophie Baxter, managing director said:

“Valentine’s Day comes with a great deal of expectation and stress. If you haven’t been together very long, finding an appropriate gift can be difficult, while if you’re married or in a long-term relationship, thinking up new ideas to impress your spouse or partner can sometimes feel like a chore."

“While not all our ideas are suitable for all couples, we’ve tried to offer gift ideas that vary from inexpensive to expensive, and from friendly to more intimate.”
1 - Jewellery

Any jewellery is a welcome gift, but to be in the number one spot, it has to be the ultimate item of jewellery for Valentine’s Day - the diamond engagement ring. After all, valentine's day will be the perfect opportunity for those who are considering proposing to their girlfriend (or boyfriend, for that matter).

2 - A romantic weekend in Paris

Or a romantic weekend anywhere for that matter! A trip to New York, Prague, London or a secluded place in the country would be equally welcome. It’s getting away together that really matters. It is worth remembering that the little extra touches such as flowers, Valentine's balloons, chocolates or champagne in the room on arrival, will make all the difference.

3 - An experience day for two

An experience day for two can be a great surprise. "Book something that they’ve always wanted to do, such as drive a Ferrari or jump out of a plane. While the activities might not be romantic; the fact that you’ve made their dream come true, certainly is," comments Sophie Baxter from Big Fat Balloons.

5 - A romantic meal at your favourite restaurant

No Valentine’s Day gift list would be complete without a romantic meal at a favourite restaurant. But it’s the little touches that can make this gift extra-special. It is beat to book well in advance and request a table in a secluded corner. A bottle of their favourite wine or some champagne will make the evening more exciting.

6 - Champagne and chocolates

While not the most original idea, champagne and Belgian chocolates are still a welcome gift. Presentation is key. Having them delivered to to the recipient home or work or making sure they are wrapped beautifully will make your Valentine's gift feel more special.

7 - A huge bouquet of flowers

It's easy to add a twist to this traditional Valentine’s gift by ordering the recipient's favourite flowers and colours. As every month has a special flower, do some research and include the flower that relates to his or her birthday in the bouquet.

8 - A teddy bear

Everyone needs a big cuddle from time to time, no matter their age.Those who can't give a cuddle in person on Valentine's Day, can send a teddy bear to give their loved one a big hug. Sophie Baxter, Director at Big Fat Balloons explains "Teddy bears are a huge hit at this time of the year. Me to You teddy bears - with love you messages are especially popular as customers can find a bear to suit most recipients.".

9 - An evening to yourself

Couples with children often find the most romantic thing they can do is spend time alone together. Arranging for a relative or friend to have the kids overnight and enjoying an evening together can make for a special Valentine's Day.

Even for those who don’t have children, an evening in can be equally romantic. They could cook a special meal for the two or for a complete break, order a takeaway.

10 - A movie night in

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean going out and spending lots of money; why not stay in and have an intimate date for two. A few red and white glow in the dark illoom balloons will be ideal to create a romantic atmosphere. Instead of going out to the cinema, why not recreate a movie theatre at home with a romantic film and snuggle up together in your very own back row,n.

10 - A romantic walk

Weather dependent, a walk can be a great way to spend time together with no distractions other than the beauty of the surroundings (and each other!).

It's worth remembering that on Valentine’s Day, it’s the thought that counts. So the most important thing this Valentine’s Day, is for couples to remember to let each other know how much they love the other!


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