MD Packaging Company Adds to VCI Packaging Capabilities

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The Baltimore, MD based packaging company, RBL Industries, has recently called attention to ongoing supply chain improvements focused on bolstering the company's ability to help protect metal products of every shape and size from corrosion with more effective VCI packaging components.

In 2012, the world's leading shipping providers reported delivering nearly 6.5 billion packages every year. To put this number into perspective, that's equivalent to about every person on the planet sending a package. Robert Lipsky, President of RBL Industries, explains “Remarkably, most of those packages are delivered on-time. However, they don't always get there without damage, and a lot of times – it's because of corrosion. But that's where we come in.” For the last year, RBL Industries has continued ongoing initiatives to optimize the company's capabilities when it comes to providing volatile corrosive inhibitor (VCI) packaging to protect packages and shipments traveling around the world.

As Lipsky explains, VCI packaging is something that many people might not be familiar with. But when it comes to protecting a large portion of the packages being driven, sailed, flown, and eventually stored around the world - it plays a major role.

“Put simply, VCI packaging protects ferrous metals from corrosive elements, which can be found virtually everywhere.” More specifically, the corrosive elements VCI's work to protect metal from include humidity, water, oxygen, extreme temperatures, acids, friction, salt, chemicals and other materials. Ferrous metals include those that are primarily composed of iron; they include copper, cast iron, aluminum, galvanized steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and more.

Given the fact that the materials affected by corrosion are used in countless products and components around the world, VCI packaging plays an important if unnoticed role. The items frequently protected by VCI packaging materials include everything from simple tools to the advanced weapon systems used by the military. Naturally, these items and others must be protected from the damaging effects of corrosion.

Recent improvements to RBL's supply chain ensure that the company can provide VCI packaging of all sizes and types for shipping items around the world. VCI packaging commonly takes the form of films, VCI paper, and VCI bags which actively release their compounds to protect packaged products. “With our capabilities, we're able to provide the necessary corrosion resistance for everything from a small metal part shipped in a normal package to large metal components shipped via freight and shipping containers.” Regardless of the way products, parts, and components are shipped – representatives at RBL are confident that the company's VCI packaging capabilities can protect virtually anything from the dangers of corrosion.

For more information on VCI packaging from RBL Industries, visit or call 1-800-234-5711.

About RBL Industries
Robert Lipsky, president of RBL Industries, has been a packaging professional for over 36 years. With a large staff of experts, the Baltimore based packaging provider is focused on delivering cost savings, fast delivery, and the high quality packaging solutions customers in every industry require. For more information on custom foam packaging from RBL Industries, visit or call 1-800-234-5711.

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