Veloxum Extends Server Optimization Software to Increase Physical and Virtualization Capacity, Efficiency and ROI for Linux I/O and the Apple OSX 10.6 Operating System

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Veloxum’s newest Active Continuous Optimization (ACO) server infrastructure tuning solution continues to transform the process of optimizing complex physical and virtualized infrastructure configuration settings — allowing enterprises to realize the full potential of their IT infrastructure. As a result, IT-to-C-suite customers are already seeing up to 50 percent more utilization per server. The bottom line: annual savings of $300K to $500K for every $1 million spent on server infrastructure by major IT organizations.

Veloxum VMware Environment

Our newest solution is a major step forward for IT organizations’ drive to increase performance and efficiency while incorporating Veloxum’s powerful support for both their Linux I/O and MAC operating systems.

Veloxum™ Corporation, a performance management company, today announced significant performance and utilization improvements for the Linux and Apple operating systems with their newest version of Veloxum’s optimization solution for physical and virtualized server infrastructure. As part of this announcement, the company has extended Veloxum optimization to support both Linux I/O optimization and Apple’s OSX operating system, version 10.6.

Linux servers, and Linux OS guests operating in a virtualized environment, can now count on Veloxum’s Active Continuous Optimization (ACO)-driven solution to deliver increased network speeds of up to an additional 40% IOPS (IO Operations per second) while simultaneously reducing guest CPU usage up to 20%. This means that users can increase networking performance while also increasing Linux server consolidation.

Veloxum’s server optimization capabilities now also fully support Apple’s OSX version 10.6 in both physical and virtual environments, such as VMware. Veloxum’s optimization equates to greater performance of OSX operating systems and, in virtualized environments, increased utilization of server capacity by up to 50%.

“We created Veloxum’s physical and virtual enterprise environment optimization application so that customer can tune their operating system and application settings to continually, and automatically, fix the capacity and performance issues that potentially cost many companies hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars,” said Kevin Cornell, CEO of Veloxum. “Our newest solution is a major step forward for IT organizations’ drive to increase performance and efficiency while incorporating Veloxum’s powerful support for both their Linux I/O and MAC operating systems.”

Additional new features include:

  •     Veloxum’s new data model for storage reduction — provides more efficient storage of enterprise data
  •     Department of Energy certified security update — demonstrates the security of Veloxum software
  •     Script based reporting — supports metric data (comma separated format) for developers and customers to write custom reports using Veloxum or import Veloxum data into their own tools
  •     Windows 7 certification — achieves Microsoft certification

Veloxum actively and continuously optimizes the server infrastructure, maximizing performance and increasing workload density as much as 50 percent. Veloxum’s VMware solution, Veloxum for VMWare, is an out-of-band solution that uses the existing systems and tunes the various components within manufacturer supported settings.

Veloxum’s ACO-driven software improves enterprise performance —in some cases generating 50 percent more server utilization— by targeting and tuning the heart of the server, the operating system. This maximizes the efficient use of all server and client components that depend upon OS interaction, including applications, databases, CPU, memory, network and storage. Veloxum’s ACO solution provides a significant alternative to adding servers, upgrading bandwidth or simply tolerating declining application performance. ACO makes it possible for customers to realize the total cost savings of virtualization by fully and continuously tuning their ever-changing virtual environment.

White Paper: Active Continuous Optimization (ACO) for Server Infrastructure Performance and Density Improvement

Active Continuous Optimization (ACO) sets Veloxum apart from other server and application monitoring-only tools

Many organizations have invested heavily in virtualization projects in order to achieve the cost savings presented to them as part of an ROI model. But without continuous tuning of server platforms to the applications they are running, it is difficult to achieve these results. Veloxum actively and continuously tunes server settings to deliver optimum performance and virtual-to-physical densities.

Veloxum’s ACO uses patent-pending algorithms to calculate the optimum server configuration settings that improve all aspects of performance. Veloxum then implements and logs these new optimal configurations, and acts as a continuous ‘tune-up’ service to configure elements automatically without requiring any user intervention or specialist skills.

What this means for the customer is that they can increase guest to host density, running a greater number of VMware instances without increasing physical server capacity. This leads to dramatic cost savings in terms of deferred capital expenditure on new hardware and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the areas of support, maintenance, powering and cooling requirements. Veloxum customers typically see a Return on Investment period of less than 6 months.

Veloxum supports most enterprise platforms, including Linux, AIX, SUN and Windows OS with supplied OS modules, and optimizes popular applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, SQLserver, Lotus Notes and Oracle.

Availability, Pricing and Promotion:
Veloxum optimization solutions are available from Veloxum and its authorized resellers. For a free evaluation download and more information on Veloxum server infrastructure tuning solutions, including feature, function and pricing information, please visit:

About Veloxum
Veloxum’s founders started the company with the vision to apply active, continuous optimization to manage complex IT environments for optimum performance and utilization. Veloxum actively and continuously optimizes physical and virtual infrastructure by optimizing operating system and application settings. It leverages the existing systems and infrastructure by tuning the various components within their manufacturer-supported settings. The solution enables IT organizations to maximize performance, increase workload density, and minimize virtualization costs, dramatically reducing CAPEX and OPEX spending.

Customers such as Adecco, Baron Funds, Beeline, CGB Group, Deutsche Bank, the United States Department of Energy, Fortress, and ISI Financial, Maimonides, PPC, and The Washington Post are enjoying significant cost savings with Veloxum. Veloxum, headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, was founded in September, 2007.

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