Wooden Blinds Direct Set Out To Reduce The British Allergy Foundation's Statistics On Allergies

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An ever increasing number of adults and children are developing allergies according to The British Allergy Foundation. Wooden Blinds Direct believe they have developed a solution with allergen free venetian wooden blinds.

According to hospitals in the West Midlands, increasing numbers of children and adults are being treated for potentially life-threatening allergies, including asthma. The British Allergy Foundation estimates that one in three people in the UK will develop an allergy at some time in their lives. As the number of Britons who suffer from an allergy continues to rise, people are being urged to consider how best to minimise the risks posed by common household allergens. Wooden Blinds Direct believes they have the solution to keep allergens at bay with easy to clean venetian wooden blinds.

The NHS describes an allergy as an adverse bodily reaction to an environmental substance, which is otherwise known as an allergen. Common household allergens can aggravate conditions such as asthma and rhinitis (hay fever) and include dust mites, pets, mould and pollen. An allergy is caused by the human body’s response to an allergen; in people who suffer – or are predisposed to suffer – from allergies, the immune system identifies allergens as a threat and produces antibodies to destroy them. This reaction is called the immune response and is particularly unhelpful in so far as it produces more antibodies each time the allergen is encountered. The abundance of antibodies causes the release of chemicals throughout the body – a process that can be felt during an allergic reaction, the symptoms of which include skin rashes, coughing, wheezing and sneezing.

Dust particles, dust mites and animal hair are common causes of allergies in homes across the UK. Dust can cause allergy symptoms in people; however, it is the miniscule dust mite that does the most damage. Dust mites, which typically measure 0.4mm in length and up to 0.32mm in width, do not feed off humans directly but consume dead skin, pollen grains and house dust amongst other discarded substances. The female dust mite can live for around 70 days, during which time she can produce over 100 eggs. A 10-week-old dust mite is estimated to have excreted over 2,000 faecal particles. Dust mites and their droppings are known to trigger the immune response in atopic candidates; indeed, 85 per cent of asthma patients in the UK are allergic to the dust mite. Animal hair and skin particles can also cause allergic reactions in people.

Wooden Blinds Direct supplies a number of products for use in the home, such as Venetian wooden blinds, that can prove beneficial to allergy sufferers. Venetian wooden blinds are easy to keep clean, which means that dust particles, dust mites, pollen grains, animal hairs and other such allergens can be kept under control. Wooden blinds tend to be more hygienic than curtains because, although both attract dust, the former is far easier to clean. Curtains can also harbour allergens for a longer period of time than blinds before appearing visibly unclean, which increases the risk of human exposure.

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