Fraud Targets JHD Productions, Deer Park, NY Video & Film Firm, in National Scam; JHD Fights Back

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Hugh Daly, Founder of video and film making company JHD Productions, is fighting back against fraud as scam artists targeted JHD to issue small charges on credit and debit cards in JHD's name to bilk consumers coast to coast.

This scam tried to take my money too by opening a credit card in my company's name but fortunately I caught it in time. But it is stealing my good name, which took me thirty years to establish

Consumer fraud targeting a Long Island video and film company, JHD Productions, is sweeping the nation as untold numbers of consumers are receiving credit or debit card bills with small amounts, typically from 40 cents to under $1, billed from JHD and tarnishing the company's good name in the process.

"This scam tried to take my money too by opening a credit card in my company's name but fortunately I caught it in time. But it is stealing my good name, which took me thirty years to establish," said Hugh C. Daly, founder of the filmmaking and corporate video company, JHD Productions.

JHD Productions, online at, is a full service video and film company with a state-of-the-art studio in Deer Park, New York. In conjunction with Dobson Communications at, JHD also services the business community with marketing, training and product videos.

Daly said, "My phone lines have been flooded with hundreds of calls from people protesting the charges. I explain that JHD Productions is also a victim of the fraud. The scam artists are attempting to ruin the reputation of my video and film company. JHD Productions makes corporate videos and independent films and JHD does not work with the public. JHD never charges by credit card, and always bill clients by invoice."

Daly explained, "The scam artists opened a credit card, with a $25,000 limit, in the name of JHD Productions, but fortunately I cancelled it. The credit card company refused to give any details of how or who set up an account."

A Director of Photography, Daly added, "This scam tried to steal money from JHD Productions and is now damaging to JHD's reputation."

An unknown Internet entity had taken the name of JHD Productions and used it to set up an Internet scam to send massive numbers of bills to people in almost every State in the nation. The victims of this fraud are finding small charges, typically the size not worth the time and effort to challenge, on their bank accounts from either their Debit or Credit Card," explained Daly.

Brian Dobson of Dobson Communications, a full service public relations firm based in Ridgefield, Connecticut, works with JHD Productions, and said, "JHD Productions is a fine video and film production company. Hugh Daly turned to various government agencies for help, but it was slow in coming, so as communicators Daly and I decided to go public to warn people. We have contacted media and issued a public statement about the fraud again JHD Productions."

As these charges are posted to individual accounts, the name associated with the transaction comes up as JHD Productions, Deer Park, NY, along with a fake phone number.

"Hundreds of angry and frustrated people have been calling JHD Productions asking about the charges. The scam artists give a fake phone number for JHD, which means people go to the trouble of finding JHD's real number. I can just imagine how many more people just gave up after trying the fake number."

The award-winning cinematographer has built JHD Productions into a full service video and film making company in Deer Park NY. He has lectured about film making and his credits include scores of corporate videos and independent films.

"Something has to be done about this fraud and abuse of American citizens and JHD Productions calls on the State District Attorneys, such as in my home state of New York, along with Federal officials to look into this fraud that is attacking a business and consumers," Daly said.

A full service video and film company with its state-of-the-art studio in Deer Park, New York, JHD Productions has the latest technology, cameras, editing suite and green screen capability for production of product, training and other videos as well as the production of independent feature films.

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