Announcing RightView Pro Video Analysis Leader Takes the Controversy Out of Hitting

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Most of the controversy over hitting instruction stems from a miscommunication either between coaches or between players and coaches. RightView Pro has set out to resolve the major controversies over the proper mechanics of hitting by providing coaches and players video analysis software, the professional hitting models, and the hitting instruction to help them communicate more effectively.

Baseball Hitting Analysis

The Toe Touch / Ready Position

“Hitting” and “teaching hitting” are two very different skills. All good hitters know what it feels like to swing the bat well but that doesn’t mean they know exactly what they are doing or how to deliver information to a student. - Don Slaught

RightView Pro, video analysis software company, has helped define and standardize instruction in both baseball and softball by creating a product that coaches use to slow down the motion, see professional models from every angle, and compare to all of the best; while listening and watching some of the top instructors in the country define and illustrate the key principles of the motion. Don Slaught, owner/founder of RightView Pro and his team have identified classic controversies and how RightView Pro can help provide the answer.

Focusing On Just One Principle

Nothing illustrates this better than the controversy between Charlie Lau (weight shift or linear theories) and Ted Williams (rotational theories). According to Slaught, both men were correct in their analyses but they both chose different principles to accentuate. “The most efficient swing is a product of both linear and rotational forces. Ted Williams, Charlie Lau, and all of our Major League Models display the principles of weight shift (linear) and rotation in their swings.”

RightView Pro focuses on what all the great hitters do and shows the linear move into rotation. RVP also illustrates what makes these hitters more successful or more efficient. RightView Pro defines these principles and delivers them in an easily understood fashion.


Because words mean different things to different people, Slaught gives the example that terms such as “Launch Position” and “Power Position” which are both used to describe the position after the stride; these words have added or extra connotation, that can negatively impact the swing. Because of these connotations, students tend to flex or add unwanted tension.

“The problem with these terms is that the position itself is not inherently strong nor do want the student to blast off. Just like a swing on a playground, we start slow, accelerate through the bottom, and slow down at the top; that's why it's called a swing." “The position is simply a point that will allow students to take a strong powerful swing with acceleration through the ball.” Slaught goes on to explain, “When we draw our fist back to punch, we are just in a position to deliver a blow, we are not flexing anything to feel strong nor do we feel a lot of tension.” “The majority of the acceleration does not take place until the hands get in front of your center of gravity.”

RightView Pro's common language is easy to understand without adding unwanted connotations. In the example above, RVP uses the term “toe touch” to define the frame of the video in question and defines the position as “The Ready Position”. RVP also uses video to define the movements, because words are subjective; while the video is objective.

Lack of Access to the Best Models

Most people only get to see the Major League swings at game speed or off angle. Limiting the amount of analysis that can be done. For example, with the naked eye a person can see that the Major League hitters start in a 50/50 stance and finish their swing in a 50/50 position.

The problem arises when there is the assumption that the weight remained at 50/50 throughout the swing. According to Slaught, “During the swing all of the weight gets transferred into the front side and then transfers back to roughly a 50/50 position at the finish of the swing.”

RightView Pro provides the tools necessary to thoroughly analyze the swing in a way never seen before (60 frames per second—twice as many fields as TV or standard Video). RightView Pro also offers split screen or 4 view, giving coaches the advantage of comparing the best hitters simultaneously. Thus improving everyone’s coaching ability and communication.

The Hitting Equation

While out on the speaking circuit or providing national webinars, Slaught often poses the question to his audience: “How do I deliver as much force as possible into the ball, while hitting in the biggest zone possible, while being the most efficient to the ball? I believe the best hitters in the game provide the answer.”

About RightView Pro
RightView Pro was founded by former Major League Baseball Player, Don Slaught. Slaught's vision was to create a tool where kids and coaches could communicate and easily identify flaws in the swing and pitching motion. He felt strongly, that the only way to do this was with models of Major League Baseball players and professional softball players. Don went to Major League Baseball with his research and was awarded the license. Today, RightView Pro is the only video analysis software company licensed by MLB, MLB Player's Association and the National Pro Fastpitch League.

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