Online Retailer Announces Partnership with Virus Zero Air Purifiers

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Leading online appliance retailer enthusiastically adds Virus Zero air purifiers to its catalog of home environment products. Virus Zero presents a suite of air purifiers with state-of-the-art ionic technology equipped to keep indoor spaces free of germs and viruses. Using a host of innovations, Virus Zero air purifiers keep the air sanitary in both homes and vehicles.

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Virus Zero’s filterless system requires no replacement parts, making it a one-time purchase and an outstanding value.

E-commerce company welcomes Virus Zero into its family of air purifiers. Virus Zero recently introduced two new air purifier models to the market, devised to inhibit infectious viruses by removing bio-pollutants from the air. Offering a table top unit and a portable model, Virus Zero combines advanced ionic technology with modern design. These air purifiers produce an abundant flux of charged ions, which efficiently eliminate airborne pollutants that can cause illness.

Ionic technology is the cornerstone of Virus Zero’s air purifiers. Equipped with Samsung’s super plasma ion (SPi) system, these air purifiers distribute negatively charged ions throughout a room. Super plasma ions are used worldwide in hospitals, airplanes, and vehicles as a way to combat harmful bio-contaminants. Several independent studies have proven the efficacy of Virus Zero air purifiers in reducing these airborne particles both in laboratory and field studies. This proprietary SPi technology has been patented worldwide due to its overwhelming success in reducing the airborne germs that cause respiratory health issues.

Virus Zero air purifiers are primarily SPi generators. They produce negatively charged super plasma ions, which attract floating contaminants since they carry a positive charge. The molecules adhere to each other midair, causing a chemical reaction that neutralizes the pollutant. Microorganisms are rendered inactive and unable to reproduce, essentially stopping infectious diseases in their tracks. Scientific testing has demonstrated that Virus Zero air purifiers effectively deactivate 99% of biological contaminants such as the influenza virus, H1N1, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria MRSA. All Virus Zero air purifiers neutralize volatile organic compounds and OH-free radicals, inoculating positively-charged irritants that could otherwise cause a headache.

Virus Zero developed the SP-SA6 air purifier for indoor air purification. This model removes 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and mold from spaces up to 450 square feet. This table top air purifier runs almost silently at 29 dbA so it can be used virtually anywhere, including bedrooms, offices, and classrooms. Requiring only 8 watts of energy, the Virus Zero SP-SA6 uses clean electricity to fit a green lifestyle. The Virus Zero SP-SA6 is a slim table top unit with bright white casing. About the size of a hardcover textbook, it takes up minimal space on a desk and can be wall-mounted.

Virus Zero created the portable SP-PA4 air purifier to provide healthy, breathable air on-the-go. Since we spend much of our time outside of our home, it is important to maintain a healthy environment elsewhere. In addition to a standard plug, it comes with an adapter that is compatible with vehicle cigarette lighters. The Virus Zero SP-PA4 portable air purifier is comparable in form to a cup of coffee, allowing it to fit in a car cup holder. Perfect for portable use, the cylinder-shaped Virus Zero SP-PA4 has a bright white casing and weighs less than a pound. The SP-PA4 is the ideal air purification solution for vehicles, RVs, and vacation rooms.

The importance of having high indoor air quality is manifest. Keeping viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens out of the air prevents diseases from spreading. In the absence of invisible bio-pollutants, the environment supports recovery from respiratory disease and allergies. Users reduce floating bio-pollutants to create a hygienic home environment, filling the room with healthy, pure air. Virus Zero air purifiers benefit allergy sufferers by removing allergens like pollen, dust, dander, and mold from the ambient air. These air cleaners can also supplement standard ventilation equipment, with the sterilization capability to remedy sick house syndrome.

Consider Virus Zero air purifiers as an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution for purifying the air. “Customers often forget to factor in the cost of frequently buying replacement filters when they choose HEPA or carbon systems,” says Jeanie Wong-Vierling, marketing director for Air & Water, Inc. “Virus Zero’s filterless system requires no replacement parts, making it a one-time purchase and an outstanding value.”

In addition, Virus Zero painstakingly ensures that their air purifiers are only improving the air environment. All Virus Zero air purifiers are ozone free, emitting no toxic byproducts. Virus Zero products come with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty and are only available at authorized retailers like

Air & Water, Inc. is headquartered in Southern California and was established in 2002. It is one of the Internet’s leading independent appliance retailers. The company has helped thousands of customers find home environment solutions and appliances for their homes. When it comes to residential and commercial heating and cooling products, Air & Water's standard for quality has always remained the same: efficient, dependable, and worry-free comfort.


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