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Share Article releases a review of Visual Impact Cardio, a workout program which claims that following this latest scientifically based workout guide to metabolism will honestly help people lose body fat.

Visual Impact Cardio Review

Visual Impact Cardio Review

Rusty Moore’s workout program, Visual Impact Cardio that claims refers to fat loss as a “skill” and claims to have cleverly managed to minimize those frustrating sticking points that occur with many workout regimes attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

Visual Impact Cardio is all about maximizing the calories burned during a workout, without having to overtrain. It combines the best of steady cardio with intense interval training, along with a small weekly calorie deficit, to literally melt those stubborn areas of fat,” reports Stevenson. “The program doesn't require you to spend hours at the gym, but neither does it kid you that you can reach your targets simply by three 20 minute sessions a week. Information such as why there’s a ceiling to how many calories you can lose during interval training, and why the addition of strategic cardio can see you accelerating towards your fitness goals.”

Visual Impact Cardio includes detailed information about the importance of insulin, why dieting alone rarely has an impact on stubborn body fat, keeping training sessions separate, interval training versus steady state cardio, cardio machine training, and weekly calorie deficits. All of this, and more, is contained in the 99 page Visual Impact Cardio workbook. People get three complete, 8-week workout cycles it shows, along with a printable workout journal designed to take to the gym to give them all the information they need for the most effective fat loss workout ever.

“Whether you’re currently a couch potato who’s just thinking about getting off your butt and losing some weight, or already a committed fitness fanatic, Visual Impact Cardio is a program that advances as you do. As the workouts are designed to increase intensity as the weeks go by, it doesn’t matter what stage of the fitness journey you’re at right now and it’s just as effective for the boys as it is for the girls,” says Stevenson.

“Visual Impact Cardio doesn't belittle the training methods of old, as so many programs do today. Instead, rather than dismissing old science, it combines both older proven methods with today’s understanding, providing what seems to be a rather unique (and refreshing) combination of both tried and tested fat loss techniques and the most up to date knowledge from some of the most experienced names in fitness. This is a very apt way of describing the means to understand the optimum method of losing that unwanted lard. A detailed understanding of what it is that you’re forcing your body to do is a powerful incentive to sticking to the plan and attaining those much desired goals.”

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