Top 5 Ways To Stay Healthy and Fit This Fall

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Stay Fly Like A Pelican.

Top 5 ways to stay healthy and fit this fall Lists The Top 5 Ways To Stay Healthy.

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Here are the top 5 habits of healthy people:

#1 Taking Vitamins Daily

Only 22 percent of Americans regularly take a multivitamin, reports a nutrition examination survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Mehmet Oz, author of "You: The Owner's Manual," recommends a multivitamin as the go-to nutritional supplement. His feelings are echoed from researchers and writers ranging from personal trainer Bill Phillips to Harvard nutritionist Walter Willett.

4 Medical Reasons To Take Vitamins Daily.
Disease Prevention
Willett does note that a multivitamin does not carry all of the healthful substances found in a healthy diet, but is a good addition to a healthy diet.

Dietary Back-Up
Taking a multivitamin can ensure that you get your minimum requirement of these important vitamins and minerals, regardless of what you eat on a given day.

Weight Loss
A body suffering from malnutrition naturally slows its metabolism, burning fewer calories in every activity. A multivitamin helps dieters stay healthy while burning off the weight faster.

A multivitamin combats all of these factors, helping you simply feel better, more energetic and more relaxed throughout the day.

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#2 Take A Protein Supplement And Work Out
Protein is composed of building blocks called amino acids which performs a variety of functions in the body such as build and maintain healthy muscles when combined with diet and exercise. Protein also:

  •     Supports red blood cell production
  •     Supports the immune system
  •     Maintains your hair, fingernails, and skin healthy

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#3 Play sports casually
Practice a pastime, hobby or sport in your spare time. Enjoy working out!
That’s right…play some football. Americans love the beautiful game and, sitting on the couch drinking and watching the game isn't exercise. The style here is fast paced and perfect for some intense exercise. So get some friends together and organize a weekly session. You could play outdoors in one of the many city parks or in a backyard accordingly.

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#4 Grocery Shopping
Grocery Shopping
Park as far away as possible. Walking to and from the store will definitely fit more exercise into your daily schedule. Up your fitness score if you opt to carry the groceries to the car instead of using a cart. Carrying extra weight will definitely help. Depending on how often you visit the grocery store this could really help you..

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#5 Take Time To Relax
Reduce Stress
Stress can cause a myriad of problems, from heart trouble to digestive problems. This should not come as a surprise. What many people do not know is what to do about it, how to manage their stress. Exercise, meditation, doing what you love, appropriate boundaries, spirituality, being in nature, enjoyable hobbies, etc. all help alleviate the harmful effects of stress on the body. Do not overwork. Take breaks (vacations, mini-vacations, days off) and surround yourself with people who support you.

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