Sensory's BlueGenie Voice Interface™ Powers First Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset : Sensory Enables BlueAnt V1 with Voice Recognition and Synthesis

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Sensory, Inc.’s BlueGenie Voice Interface, the first and only integrated voice control and high quality speech synthesis technology for Bluetooth devices, is available to consumers today through the innovative BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth headset. BlueAnt announced this morning that the V1, the first ever Bluetooth headset with a true voice user interface (VUI) and the first stand-alone headset with Bluetooth Version 2.1, is now for sale through major online and retail outlets.

The BlueAnt V1 works great right out of the box and is the easiest to use headset with more and safer features than any other Bluetooth headset on the market.

"Sensory's BlueGenie Voice Interface revolutionizes the Bluetooth headset by simplifying the user interface, providing a safer hands-free experience and enabling more functions with easier accessibility," said Sensory CEO Todd Mozer. "The BlueAnt V1 works great right out of the box and is the easiest to use headset with more and safer features than any other Bluetooth headset on the market."

"We were pleased to team with Sensory on the V1 to be first to market with a voice controlled Bluetooth headset," said Taisen Maddern, CEO, BlueAnt. "We believe the V1 will set the bar for the industry in terms of headset ease of use, form and functionality."

Voice Makes It Easy

Users of the BlueAnt V1 will no longer deal with lengthy or confusing button pressing to access functionality. Instead, the VI can be controlled with simple phrases like "Pair Me," "Call Home," "Call Favorite," "call GOOG-411" and "Accept or Ignore Call." When it comes to checking headset status, it will not be necessary to interpret confusing beep sequences or LEDs. BlueGenie's voice synthesis capability enables the V1 to speak back to the consumer, letting them know device settings including successful pairing, battery power level, connection status, etc.

The BlueGenie Voice Interface makes the initial set up of the V1 easier because it talks the user through all set up and pairing and contains a voice manual, accessible by saying "teach me" to provide the user tips and tricks on voice commands. Also, any time the user wants to know what commands to use with the V1, they simply ask "what can I say?" and a menu of options will be read to them. After just a few days of use, initial users commonly say "after using the BlueGenie Voice Interface I never want to go back to my old headset." Users particularly like the ability to drive without accessing the handset, and the added functionality of being able to easily check connection status by simply asking "Am I connected?"

A Safer Hands-free Experience

The V1 is the first headset or mobile phone to have voice enabled "call back" and "redial" commands meaning dropped calls are no problem in busy traffic. Audible caller ID and voice answer/ignore capabilities mean drivers can keep their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road for a completely hands-free incoming call experience. With hands-free legislations enacted in six states and actively under consideration in 20 others, Bluetooth headset usage is on the rise with motorists who want to stay connected while on the road.

Enabling More With Less

The BlueGenie Voice Interface software suite enables manufacturers of Bluetooth products to integrate full voice control and high quality synthetic speech output. By eliminating the need to add buttons or displays, a voice user interface frees designers to pack functionality onto small form factor Bluetooth devices and answers consumer demand for a truly hands-free experience. With added functionality, the headset market is poised to experience greater product differentiation which until now has been limited primarily to aesthetics.

For lower cost headsets without the memory or processing power for the full BlueGenie Voice Interface, Sensory has already released a "BlueGenie Lite" version which adds voice prompting to remove the confusing beeps and flashing lights and greatly improves the user interface with minimal impact on cost.

About BlueAnt Wireless

BlueAnt Wireless is a leading supplier of Bluetooth peripheral devices worldwide. BlueAnt's product portfolio includes hands-free, stereo audio streaming and wireless communication products offering cutting-edge technology, design and features. With its Global Head Office in Melbourne, Australia, BlueAnt has offices in San Francisco and London.

About Sensory, Inc.

Sensory, Inc. is the leader in speech technologies for consumer products. Sensory is a VC backed privately held company offering a complete line of IC and software-only solutions for speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, music synthesis and more. The company's products are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including Bluetooth devices, telephones, home automation, toys, remote controls, automotive, security, and learning aids. Sensory's customers represent the leaders in consumer electronics, including such companies as Hasbro, JVC, Kenwood, Mattel, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Uniden and Sony. Sensory, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, with additional offices in Portland, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Vienna. Visit for more information.

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