Four Top Tips For Securing Your WHM/cPanel Server

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Leading UK VPS provider PAC VPS Hosting reveals four top tips to help secure your WHM/cPanel server from attack

I cannot stress enough how important it is to secure your server or opt for a provider who will do it for you

Whats the leading worry of running your own WHM - cPanel server? Having it hacked, of course.

What's the answer? Secure Your Server!

Here are four top tips to help you secure your server and let you get on with running it, these tips should be followed immediately after installing WHM/cpanel.

1, Choose a root password that is extremely complex and long for example, 2p2IcakynJnvAo4j9Mdws2PGtPLrTiWoIhVYiMnIqI5$J7uc$nHbtp8$fWtpV6bx

A password this long may seem over the top however it is the first and most important step in securing your server.

2, Change your default SSH port, the default port number for SSH is 22 and this is common knowledge for any hacker with a script to trawl a range of IP addresses and find all the servers with port 22 open to SSH.

Once they have located a server with port 22 SSH open for business they will set a script running to constantly attempt to brute force the password for your root account.

The best form of defense for this is to move your port number to a high one somewhere between say 10000-65536

3, Install a decent Firewall and Login Failure Detection system.

The easiest way to do this is to install CSF/LFD which is free of charge and automatically adds the ports you need open including the new SSH one above and closes the ones you dont.

CSF/LFD will take care of blocking malicious IP's that are scanning your server and also block IP's that repeatedly get passwords wrong.

4, Log into WHM and go to the CSF/LFD plugin and check server security and follow all the recommendations.

There are of course many more steps however the above are the essentials and will give you a head start.

"I cannot stress enough how important it is to Secure your server or opt for a provider who will do it for you" - Paul Nesbitt PAC Web Hosting Ltd

PAC VPS Hosting provide all our VPS with WHM/cPanel installed and licensed and fully supported leaving you to get on with your business.

We also fully security harden them and deliver them to you ready to go by simply adding a new cPanel account and using the name servers provided.

All WHM/cPanel issues are fully supported by our 24/7 support team.

Satisfied clients across the UK include the Royal Armouries Museum and Online Store, South London Healthcare NHS Trust,

For more information visit our UK VPS Hosting website or call 0800 756 6706

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