War in Iraq: Attorney Discovers Revolutionary Way to End Coalition Casualties and Restore Peace

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The war in Iraq - A respected attorney and Quaker spiritual leader has discovered a revolutionary new "Nonjustice System" for resolving personal and international conflicts like the war in Iraq based upon spiritual teachings found in all of the world's religions. This Nonjustice System is now being made available free online by the nonprofit Nonjustice Foundation (http://www.nonjustice.org) in the interest of ending the war in Iraq and restoring peace to all people in conflict.

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Suing for Peace: A Guide for Resolving Life’s Conflicts

The war in Iraq has caused more than 2500 Iraq coalition casualities and an estimated 30,000 to 100,000 Iraqi civilian deaths. There does not seem to be any end in sight to the Iraq war and American troops do not appear to be in a position to come home.

How can we end the war in Iraq? James Kimmel, Jr., J.D., a respected attorney and Quaker spiritual leader who specializes in conflict resolution, has created a revolutionary system called the “Nonjustice System” for peaceful means of conflict resolution, made available online free to the world through the nonprofit Nonjustice Foundation (http://www.nonjustice.org/). Kimmel explains that “the root of any conflict lies in the craving for justice for wrongs done to one, actual or perceived. The online Nonjustice System helps people satisfy this craving safely, without harming themselves or others.”

A spiritually-based alternative to traditional justice systems, the Nonjustice System can be used to resolve conflicts between individuals, families, communities, nations — even warring parties. The Nonjustice System is based upon the teachings in Kimmel’s landmark book, “Suing for Peace: A Guide for Resolving Life’s Conflicts,” where Kimmel demonstrates how the craving for justice itself leads to conflict and human suffering.

He then reveals the spiritual laws taught by all of the world’s religions for conflict resolution management and strategies for restoring peace. These laws, which Kimmel calls the “Teachings of Nonjustice,” have been followed to bring about lasting peace in every conflict, including recent international conflicts such as South Africa, and in personal conflicts between individuals and family members. “These teachings will be eventually followed to bring about lasting peace in Iraq too,” says Kimmel. “The only question is whether we want more suffering, or we want to achieve peace today.”

The Nonjustice Foundation, a non-profit organization with offices in America and India, is dedicated to conflict resolution, by making the revolutionary Nonjustice System available free online. War in Iraq can be brought to an end very soon if nonjustice principles are followed.


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