Finance Marlin Warns Seniors about Certain High-Carb Foods and Offers 10 Glycemic Conscious Alternatives

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Based on information contained in the Science Now report, ‘High-carb meals pique cravings for more, study says’, published in the LA Times on 6/27/13, cautions seniors against particular high-carb foods and offers a list of 10 alternatives.

Eating better means having more energy, which leads to having more fun, & being happier.

In this era of super-processed food, it’s not surprising that a new study from Harvard has found that high-carb meals may not be the healthiest food choices to make. understands that many seniors have dietary requirements and restrictions, frequently based on a diabetic spectrum. Finance Marlin believes a little caution, and making a better choice in food, could make a substantial health difference.

The study found that four hours after eating meals that were considered high in glycemic load, subjects had lower blood glucose levels and felt hungrier than subjects given a comparable low glycemic-load meal. The study concluded that eating meals consisting of white flours and sugar could create a cycle of craving and overeating. Further, the researchers found that this cycle could disrupt a person’s ability to control the impulse to eat.

Below, Finance Marlin offers a list of ten common high glycemic-load foods and healthier alternative low glycemic-load foods. believes there is no doubt that better food choices can help create a longer, happier, and healthier quality of life for seniors. When older people add eating healthy and regular exercise together it is like life insurance for seniors. Make smart choices!

Out with the high glycemic-load foods and in with the low glycemic-load alternatives. Suggests:

1. Trade a High Glycemic-Load Bagel-white frozen for low glycemic whole grain bread
2. Substitute vanilla cake w/frosting (Betty Crocker™) with banana cake
3. Kick the cranberry juice cocktail and grab some orange juice (unsweetened)
4. Instead of Cornflakes™ get your day started with Raisin Bran™
5. White rice can be substituted for brown rice
6. Sugary graham crackers can be replaced with shortbread
7. Dates can be swapped out for freshly sliced watermelon
8. Black-eyed peas replaced with chick peas
9. White spaghetti-white traded for whole grain spaghetti and
10. Snickers™ swapped for M&M Peanut™

Finance Marlin believes seniors can and should take a conscientious look at the foods they eat based on a new glycemic-load study, and offers a list of suggestions of healthier foods choices. Eating better means having more energy, which leads to having more fun, & being happier. Happy living!

About Finance Marlin: is a website dedicated to providing value to seniors in all areas of their lives including health.

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