Restoration Local Offers Lightning Safety Tips as Part of Severe Weather Season Preparation

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Water restoration company offers safety advice on the subject of lightning produced during severe thunderstorms.

Lightning is a part of nearly every thunderstorm event, strikes unexpectedly, with no predictable rhythm.

Restoration Local, one of the leading providers of water damage restoration service in the US, is recommending property owners be aware and alert of the danger posed by lightning during what is expected to be a very active severe weather season this spring and summer.

Lightning is a part of nearly every thunderstorm event, strikes unexpectedly, with no predictable rhythm, and may occur as far as ten miles outside the actual storm zone. In any situation where thunder can be heard, there is the threat of lightning, and proper safety precautions should be taken.

1 – Get out of the weather. Once a thunderstorm is imminent, shelter should be sought, wither inside a structure or a vehicle. Lightning will most often precede rain by several minutes

2 – If caught outdoors during a storm, it is recommended that open bodies of water be avoided, as well as wide open spaces such as fields. In addition, metal objects or electrically powered equipment should not be handled or used.

Canopies, picnic shelters, and under trees are not recommended for shelter, since they lack walls that provide complete insulation and protection from lightning and rain.

3 – If there is no shelter to be had, people are encouraged to crouch down, making the smallest possible target, and avoid close proximity to other people. At least 15 feet of distance is suggested. The lowest possible geographic area is suggested for riding out the storm, such as a gully or a ditch.

4 – Indoors is the best bet, but people should still stay away from windows and doors, and refrain from using the telephone or headsets. Lightning may come in through telephone lines or electrical wiring, causing damage and risking injury. Showers should not be taken for similar reasons.

5- Any outdoor activities should be suspended for at least 30 minutes following the last observed instance of lightning or thunder.

6 – If someone is injured as the result of lightning, apply First Aid procedures immediately and call 911 for professional medical assistance.

7 – Remember that lightning has the ability to strike trees and homes and start fires, so know all relevant emergency numbers, including police and fire department.

Located in Cleveland OH, Restoration Local is one of the leading water restoration providers in the United States, with service in 30 states. They are available 24/7 and all work is guaranteed.

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