Start Enjoying Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits with This Year’s Water Ionizer Father’s Day Sale Featuring the Bawell Premier Model 1195 Alkaline Ionizer

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Bawell announces their Father’s Day Sale featuring the popular Premier Model 1195 water ionizer which produces both alkaline and acidic water for multiple benefits.

Bawell alkaline and acidic water ionizer on sale this Father's Day.

Soaking meats in acidic ionized water kills bacteria like E. coli while soaking fruits and vegetables prolongs their freshness by killing surface bacteria and removing pesticides.

Bawell recommends that to save on their best water ionizer, take advantage of the Father’s Day Sale featuring a big discount on the Premier model 1195 ionizer. This model produces water that can be used for a variety of different applications.

Bawell has published this list of Alkaline Ionized Water applications in daily life:

●    Electrolyzed reduced water quenches thirst and taste “light and smooth” due to high levels of free oxygen in the water.
●    When mixed with infant powder, mineral or vitamin powder, it replenishes calcium and strengthens immunity by enhancing the absorption rate of ionized minerals.
●    Eliminates acidity producing clear and crystal tea, plus fragrant and delicious coffee.
●    Pets become more energetic, and their fur becomes brighter and thicker, this is very noticeable in dogs and cats and will be seen within 1 to 2 months of giving them the water every day.
●    Helps to detoxify alcohol and toxins from your system.
●    Drinking alkaline ionized water during pregnancy promotes fetal development.
●    Preserves nutrients within foods during cooking and keeps vegetable leaves green.

Applications that Bawell published for using Acidic Ionized Water in Daily Living:

●    Provides an astringent effect when used as a facial wash removing oils and dead skin cells naturally without harmful chemicals.
●    Using strong acidic ionized water as a mouthwash kills bacteria in the mouth helping to prevent periodontitis, mouth ulcers, and teeth scale.
●    Soaking fruit and vegetables prolongs their freshness by killing surface bacteria and removing pesticides.
●    Provides bacterial killing and anti-infection properties for minor cuts and scrapes.
●    Heal athlete's foot and ringworm with acidic ionized foot baths.
●    Soaking meats in acidic ionized water kills bacteria like E. coli.

Bawell manufactures the best water ionizers that produce both alkaline and acidic water to use for the applications listed above, plus many other uses not published by Bawell. The Premier aqua ionizer model 1195 is a top of the line new generation water ionizer, featuring the latest upgrades and innovations in ionizer technology. Bawell explains that this is the best time to start enjoying the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water and using acidic ionized water for applications outside the body. Buying a water ionization machine with so many uses and at such a great price can only happen with special holiday sales like this Father’s Day Sale.

The Bawell Company has been manufacturing water ionizers for over 10 years and is the largest international manufacturer with their ionizers deployed in over 30 countries worldwide. Call Toll Free at 1-800-771-7019 or visit the company website at to see the best water ionizers on sale and find links to published medical journals on the health benefits of drinking and using electrolyzed reduced water.

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