According to Aptinet, a Powerful and Flexible Web Content Management System (WCMS) is Now Critical to the Success of any Business or Organization

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In today's fast paced social media and internet-based business environment, an organization without a powerful and flexible Web Content Management System is destined to fall behind the competition. According to New York based Aptinet, selecting the right WCMS, one that is affordable, flexible across management levels, provides a suite of functionality and is capable of expanding and changing as the business develops, is worth the effort to locate and implement.

WAVES2 is the web conent management solution (WCM) and CMS for mid-size businesses.

WAVES2, the Web Content Management solution for mid-size businesses

Those who feel that their online initiatives are not moving at the pace they need them to, may want to consider a new web content management system

Web Content Management Systems(WCMS) allows companies to build, manage, and adapt their own websites and web content without technical training or programming knowledge, saving both time and money while making site management much less complicated.

A web-based WCMS allows businesses to edit their website content from any computer that has access to the Internet by utilizing cloud-based tools and technology. This frees companies from relying on third parties such as designers, developers, programmers, or consultants to assist them with keeping sites not only effective, but fresh and up-to-date.

Storing content in one location that is accessible by any computer allows companies to produce content well in advance of publication. That content can then be accessed at a later date for greater convenience and easier organization, and shared with all areas of a website presence. It also allows for consistency across platforms. If multiple users access content using different methods (i.e. various PC-based software, FTP, etc), the result can be inconsistent, with style elements or layouts that don't match the overall look because of coding differences. A WCMS eliminates that problem by facilitating standards and protocols, and by being the only content publishing utility. Furthermore, it allows for consistent management configurations, so stakeholders can select preferences that fit particular needs (such as those regarding security or user rights/permissions).

Companies that frequently update their site content and are already outsourcing this process to third parties may greatly benefit from the use of a WCMS, both in the aspect of time saved and in money spent. Without additional training required to operate the online updating tools, and without third party intervention, content and electronic assets can be managed very quickly after switching over.

A WCMS can also tangibly increase company productivity. Basic included features assist with finding and organizing content, which can save valuable manpower. Designated users can create content and save it in draft form for review by managers. Finalizing content can take place according to the convenience of the company time schedule, and automated publishing can be set for any time.

A WCMS uses templates to change the way your content appears visually, which is beneficial particularly to companies whose sites have a large number of pages. The system will keep separate posts looking entirely consistent. Templates allow for one global change to be made, just to the template itself, rather than changing each page individually.

A comprehensive WCMS also allows for the easy incorporation of meta data, which affects search engine optimization (SEO) practices. This data contributes to higher rankings in search results and assists search engines with finding and indexing a site. WCMS providers can often offer support and insight regarding incorporation of SEO strategy.

Features and add-ons are also offered by a number of WCMS providers. A WCMS can be used either for small websites or to aid an expansion to a much more complex level of site with a great deal of content. Features can be combined to customize a website for specific company needs: blogs, product reviews, or e-commerce integration are some examples. Other possible add-ons or “widgets” include photo/video galleries, support for multiple languages, news feeds, mailing lists, and customer testimonials.

A WCMS can be either licensed or open source. A licensed, or proprietary, system will require licensing fees while an open source code base is free. Open source allows for companies to contract any developer for assistance, and often provides greater modification flexibility. Proprietary systems are associated with a stronger support response, with developers having a greater knowledge of their own system. The WAVES2 WCMS combines the strong support of a licensed system with the code flexibility of an open source system.

Companies choosing a WCMS will work closely with providers/vendors. Providers can be large or small, proprietary or open source, and everything in between. Though the WCMS niche is based on the idea of companies creating their own content and updating according to their own schedule, WCMS providers still play a vital support role, often taking over much of the technological aspects of content management.

With a unique set of innovative and powerful content management tools, WAVES2 provides a wealth of site control. Marketing and management professionals easily manage staff, content, and electronic assets with no technical experience. For those with a very modest technical background, website suites and their full infrastructures come alive within the system. For the technically minded, custom applications can be developed and delivered in short order. One-of-a-kind business processes can be replicated in WAVES2 and rolled out in a matter of weeks, not months. Instead of being pushed out of the enterprise market by price tags and timelines, WAVES2 allows clients to implement a full-featured and fully scalable WCMS in a far more cost-effective and timely manner.    

Those who feel that their online initiatives are not moving at the pace they need them to, may want to consider a new web content management system. There are a number of systems out there, but finding one that is full-featured, supported, and affordable, is the first step in liberating a marketing team and achieving online marketing success.

Aptinet Inc. is located in midtown Manhattan, and offers both in-person and online demonstrations of the WAVES2 WCMS for your staff or CMS consultants. For more information call 917-408-6381 or 212-725-7255, send email to info(at)waves2(dot)com, or visit

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