European Austerity Measures Will Fail; World Currency and Futures Markets to Face Extreme Volatility

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Several top Futures and Forex traders from around the world to present this week at a 2 day summit hosted by Wealth Creation Investing.

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With an election in Greece on the horizon and many Greek voters upset with austerity measures, there’s no assurance that Greece can get its budget down to 20% of GDP - Managing Partner Matthew Buckley

On Friday European Central Bank President Mario Draghi told the Wall Street Journal that European countries must reduce spending and increase taxes or face certain financial peril. “Backtracking on fiscal targets would elicit an immediate reaction by the market” he told the Journal. This would result in "pushing interest rates higher and throwing debt markets deeper into turmoil."

To empower retail investors and traders of all levels to potentially profit on this volatility, an international team of top Futures and Forex traders will share their market insight, strategies, and predictions this week during a two-day conference hosted by Wealth Creation Investing (WCI) and sponsored by

Investors and traders of all experience levels can register for this 2 day summit by following this link:

With respect to the current situation in Greece Draghi said “It is hard to say if the crisis is over.” Historically each time the market gets into the details of the most recent Greek ‘resolution’, WCI Managing Partner Matthew “Whiz” Buckley - a former Top Gun Navy Fighter Pilot, successful trader and founder of – “The market realizes it’s just a continuance of what we’ve seen before. No final resolution. With an election in Greece on the horizon and many Greek voters upset with austerity measures, there’s no assurance that Greece can get its budget down to 20% of GDP.”

The WCI Futures and Forex Training Day will be start on Wednesday, February 29 and March 1, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s a live, online training event that will feature several well-known traders in the industry.

The cover of the Wall Street Journal over the weekend proclaimed “U.S. Bulks Up Iran Defenses.” Buckley, who flew 44 combat sorties over Iraq, says it not a matter of if, but when Israel will attack Iran. “I’ve spent many years in the Middle East and after consulting with several current Department of Defense colleagues, an attack by Israel is all but certain in the next 6 months. This will cause an enormous spike in oil and other commodities prices such as gold and silver and unprecedented volatility in currency markets.”

Traders and investors of all experience levels will learn how to potentially capitalize on this turmoil in Futures and Forex markets from the world-renowned schedule of presenters.

  •     Hubert Senters is one of the leading professional traders in the world and co-founder of, whose daily research is followed by nearly one million people. He has been featured on NBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNN, CBS Market Watch, Forbes, The Street, Active Trader Magazine, Stocks and Commodities Magazine, Money Show and Traders Expo. He is also a frequent guest speaker for the trading exchanges, including the CME, CBOT, ICE, and Eurex. He is also a contributing expert on Absolute Wealth. Senters will speak on “My Most Profitable Trading Strategies” where you attendees will discover what 5 stages every profitable trader and active investor must go through to succeed.
  •     Jason Fielder is a 10-year Forex currency trading veteran who is widely followed and respected because he’s helped thousands of traders with the systems and tools he’s developed and published. He will present the Triad Report that explains Mr. Fielder’s theory about the Forex (or any other financial market for that matter.) Attendees will learn how on average, the markets are in a trending mode only about 30% of the time, breakout mode only about 10% of the time and in a counter-trend, or ranging mode, about 60% of the time. Mr. Fielder believes this “60: 30: 10 Rule” exists across all markets and all time-frames.
  •     Thomas DeLello, founder and head trader at, is a 15-year veteran who bases his market decisions on simple, objective ways in which to quantify supply and demand. He will discuss how to read order flow and identify opportunities in the market using the proprietary Order Flow Edge method. He will cover why order flow is the driving force in the market, how changes in order flow effect price, what are the current supply and demand conditions in the market and identify supply and demand imbalances in the market.
  •     Ross Mullins is the lead market analyst and commentator for the Daily Trader Trade Room at Forex Trader’s Daily, where twice a day he provides live technical analysis. He will be speaking on the “Basics of Forex Trading – A Simple Forex Strategy that Everyone Can Learn.” Mr. Mullins believes many traders quickly become frustrated with Forex trading because of lack of guidance. “There is just too much information out there to sift through without the experience and knowledge of someone who has been through it. Using my years of experience I will show you how you can use a few basic trading skills to improve your trading with a simple strategy that everyone can learn” Mr. Mullins said Friday.
  •     UK’s expert Forex trader Aamar Hussain, chief technical analyst and managing director of, will speak on his proprietary combination of more than 10 different support and resistance identification methods that create what he calls the “Technical Confluence Powerzones’.
  •     Bryan Rich, an accomplished currency specialist, will speak on what big banks, market makers and elite traders of hedge funds say is their biggest edge, what gives them an advantage over retail traders and the importance “information” plays for big players.
  •     Phil Silverman, a successful career trader who founded Kingsview Management in New York , is an SEC registered investment advisor who has traded options and managed portfolios for high net worth investors, small institutions and Hedge Funds. Currently, he is a regular contributor on Fox Business and CNBC as well as several radio shows.
  •     Dean Malone is a 14-year veteran of trading, having held positions of trader, system developer, broker and national trainer. Dissatisfied with conventional trading systems, he developed and released the Synergy Trading Method through CompassFX. He will discuss and demonstrate the Synergy as an effective Forex trading method developed to simplify trading decisions, highlighting its simplicity in combining the market forces of Price Action and Market Sentiment to produce higher probability trades.

The WCI Futures and Forex Training Event, usually $495 per person, is free thanks to underwriting by sponsor, and is open to the public. Seating is very limited. Interested investors and traders must go to to register.

For additional information, call Sue Silverman at 954-990-7663.


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