Clupedia Announces Clucast: Free Web 2.0 Browser Toolbar Offering the Wisdom of Crowds, not Just the Opinions of Experts

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Clucast brings users the wisdom of crowds on a silver platter, forever changing surfing habits. Whether web users have an opinion about something (and who doesn't!) or whether they want to get the inside scoop, Clucast sits eagerly atop the browser ready to serve with just one click. Clucast is free, fun, informative, even addictive, and yes, lucrative.

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Clupedia Corporation announced today the beta release of its flagship Web 2.0 product called Clucast - an exciting free browser toolbar that shows the wisdom of crowds is more reliable than the opinions of experts. Nine months after receiving $1.3 million in highly subscribed Series A funding from primarily Tech Coast Angels, and secondarily from Pasadena Angels and Frontera Capital, Clupedia unveils its flagship product.

Clucast is a browser-based Web 2.0 toolbar that enables users to comment on any word/phrase in any webpage - once submitted, that comment becomes instantly flagged and viewable anywhere on the internet that contains that phrase. Clucast performs two main functions. By generating new clues, users will ensure their opinion contributes to the wisdom of crowds. By retrieving clues, web users will be able to spot trends, find influencers and be in the know.

Clucast combines some best-of-breed features with new standards in a cutting edge Web 2.0 utility. The company has pioneered the concept of a clue, which incorporates in a single transaction any combination of different types of ideas, such as ratings, reviews, recommendations, suggestions, pros, cons, notes, links, favorites, blogs, or referrals. As an analogy, a clue is like a unified messaging inbox in which a user can retrieve a voice mail message, an e-mail message, or a fax. After all, a message is a message regardless of its format. Similarly, an opinion is an opinion regardless of its type.    

Instead of going to a destination web site, Clupedia goes grassroots through a peer-to-peer paradigm where clues are generated and retrieved from the browser toolbar at any point of interest. Hence, no need to go anywhere or search for anything. A user can tag a chosen item using a folksonomy - a collaborative Web 2.0 taxonomy that helps categorize the item being clued.

Clucast is an ideal traffic generator for bloggers. Once a clue is created, it can be instantly posted on a blog from within Clucast and a link is automatically established between the web page and the blog. For example, an article about the Iraq war at CNN instantly yields a list of all bloggers who blogged about the Iraq war from CNN. From a blogger's point of view, Clucast allows blogs to be very visible at a point of interest.

Another unique Web 2.0 enabled feature of Clucast is its viral capability - once a clue is created at one web site, it instantly spreads to all other web sites in the World Wide Web where the clued item can be found. So creating a clue about a Sony Camera at Sony's web site, means the clue can be instantly viewed at Best Buy, Circuit City, Amazon, eBay, etc. Clucast will aggregate all the clues from all Clucasters, and from all web sites and present them sorted, grouped, and filtered.

In this beta release, Clucast works only with Firefox 2.0 or higher, on both Windows and Mac OSX. The Internet Explorer (IE) version will be available by the end of the year

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About Tech Coast Angels
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About Pasadena Angels
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About Frontera Capital
Frontera Capital is a venture capital boutique that invests in early-stage technology and consumer facing companies that are positioned for strong growth and have a fair chance of creating an enduring competitive advantage. Frontera focuses on emerging companies that are on the verge of taking their product and/or service to market. It primarily invests in companies that are between the "post-angel and pre-VC" funding rounds --- typically companies that have outstripped the funding capabilities of their angel investors but not quite ready for a conventional venture capital funding round. Frontera bridges this funding gap that most emerging companies go through in their early evolution. The principals of Frontera are all former successful entrepreneurs that have built and sold their own companies in the past. This track record makes Frontera principals ideal partners for entrepreneurs in building valuable and enduring businesses.

About Clupedia
Clupedia Corporation is an Internet company specialized in melding individual opinion into the wisdom of crowds. What Wikipedia is for words, Clupedia is for clues. It's the new generation Web 2.0 Internet company, straying from the traditional hierarchical supply chain model in favor of an open mass participation model, referred to as Wikinomics.


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