Web Transaction Monitor – an Affordable Tool for E-Commerce Sites and Web Applications Monitoring

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Web Transaction Monitor is an uptime and performance monitoring tool for web shops and other web applications. Web Transaction Monitor (WTM) can record user interaction with a web application in a browser, and then continually monitor the operability of the recorded test scenario, and issue alerts when a problem occurs. The tool is available as an add-on for IPHost Network Monitor – a cost effective, reliable and easy-to-use network, server and application monitoring tool with support of both SNMP and WMI.

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We are really enjoying the product very much. Saved me a major headache already this morning by warning me on my phone of an issue with one of our websites!

Web Transaction Monitor is designed for end-to-end monitoring of web applications and e-commerce sites such as internet shops. The tool simulates the steps of real user activity so it is able to monitor what’s up with the real user experience of an online shop or enterprise web application. The tool notifies interested persons (by email, SMS, instant messenger) if performance becomes unacceptable or downtime occurs.

Web application uptime and performance monitoring is an essential task for each business that relies on web applications in its everyday activity. For internet companies web site performance plays a vital role in business success. Poor page load time leads to a site visitor’s inadequate experience, which means loss of sales for an e-commerce site or a waste of resources for corporate productivity web applications. Even a small outage can lead to substantial losses so businesses should do their best to avoid outages or to minimize negative impacts by a timely reaction to problems.

Web Transaction Monitor (WTM) provides web site owners and webmasters with a tool to monitor web application performance and uptime. An aspect that sets WTM apart from most of traditional web monitoring tools is the real time monitoring of whole transactions such as the entire checkout process for an e-commerce site, user login and search function usage for a productivity web application instead of just monitoring uptime and page load time.

WTM eliminates the occurrence of false uptime results. The webmaster can be sure that a web application functions properly from the end-user perspective when it is monitored by Web Transaction Monitor because each poll reiterates the steps of an actual web site visitor in the browser. Traditional web site monitoring tools often can’t do enough to detect malfunctions in database or application servers.

A WTM user need not be an expert in monitoring and web applications to create a meaningful web transaction monitor. The browser-based recorder allows creating a monitor by simply navigating through the web pages which use the functionality that should be monitored. The Replay function provides a way to visually check that web transaction recording goes flawlessly and the resulting monitor will work correctly. This function is extremely helpful when a performance or availability problem occurs in a web application; replaying the same request sequence helps to understand which steps are OK and which are not as well as validating the fixes made to restore operability.

Web Transaction Monitor is quite affordable. This add-on is available in 5-monitor packs priced at $199, the option with an unlimited number of monitors of this type is priced at $499.

About IPHost Network Monitor
IPHost Network Monitor is a cost-effective, easy-to-use network and server monitoring tool specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses with up to several hundred monitored devices and systems. With support of SNMP and WMI this software can monitor Windows and Unix based networks, various servers and network equipment, availability and performance characteristics of web and other applications. The IPHost Network Monitor alerting system is extensive and flexible, it supports alerting by email, SMS, instant messengers (Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL), audio and visual alerts, also the system can be set to execute a program or run a script over SSH (on the monitoring server or on a remote computer), or to manage the network equipment using the SNMP SET command. Reporting and graphs are available through a web interface.

Pricing and Availability
IPHost Network Monitor is designed for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Server 2003/2008. The 30-day trial version with the full set of features limited to 20 monitors can be downloaded at http://www.iphostmonitor.com/iphostmonitor.exe. The program prices start at USD $99 for the license allowing 50 monitors and a limited set of features, the Professional edition with the full set of features and an unlimited number of monitors is priced at USD $649. Each license includes the Maintenance&Support contract for one year for free. The Web Transaction Monitor add-on is available in 5-monitor packs priced at $199, the option with an unlimited number of monitors of this type is priced at $499.

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