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Weblinx have now started to design, create and implement infographics. This has come about due to the strength that the social aspect of search has gained in recent years and the high traffic numbers that truly well designed infographic can draw in.

What is an Infographic?

There are many different styles and variations of infographics. Some are more to the point with images, where as others have more text and are more detailed in the information they provide. As the name would suggest, an infographic is a method of distributing certain information in the form of a graphic. They usually contain a combination of text, images and icons wrapped together in an attractive and colourful layout. They are fantastic marketing tools when implemented by the right company, utilising the most relevant techniques. As graphic design is one of the services already offered by Weblinx, they thought they would expand on this and produce infographics.

Increases Social Media Interaction

Infographics are literally the perfect tool for social media marketing and increasing social media interaction. The social media landscape is where infographics gained the basis of their popularity today. When companies post information in the form of infographics, they post an easy-to-digest image containing important information that the social media users are more likely to absorb.

If a social media user comes across a truly useful and interesting infographic on a company social media page, they are a lot more likely to strike up a conversation with that company. This is because the infographic might spur them on to a follow up question, or maybe they just want to leave a comment to voice their opinions. Either way, infographics are a fantastic method for promoting social media interaction with getting more and more users to interact with a business over social media.

Weblinx are now offering infographics for use in conjunction with a variety of services. One of which is their social media marketing campaigns. Adding an inforgraphic design to a social media marketing package from Weblinx is a very effective way of increasing the social interactions between users and a company as they help to promote conversation.

Why Weblinx Started Producing Infographics

Weblinx is a professional and well known SEO company, specialising in a variety of search and Internet marketing areas. Infographics tie in with these services very nicely as they can be used alongside many Internet marketing or SEO efforts. It could be that infographics are used in conjunction with a social media marketing campaign, or they be produced in synergy with a directory submission.

Weblinx recognised the room for additional services and so decided to add infographics to their arsenal of marketing services. Since then, they have enjoyed a further degree of success within the social and search environments. Before offering their services publicly, Weblinx carry out testing periods, with which their infographics aced.

Useful Way of Displaying Information

When publishing information, it can be difficult to ensure that all the information is posted, but it’s still an interesting read. This is a problem that has hindered online marketers and publishers for decades. Usually when a post or article has a large text:image ratio, people will lose interest and find themselves elsewhere looking for the same information.

This is where an infographic could provide the solution. An infographic (when designed well) offers a nice combination of useful information and attractive design. This lets the information on the graphic to be digested and absorbed easier by the user, meaning that they are more likely to turn to that specific company when they next require those services.

Weblinx work with a selection of different clients in different industries. This has led them to develop quite a broad general industry knowledge and has allowed them to produce banners, logos and videos detailing industry (or company) specific information. This is where the addition of infographics provides Weblinx with another outlet for their design distributions.

Encourages Linkbaiting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an aspect of Internet marketing that focuses on raising the rankings of a website within the search engine results. There are two main components of SEO, offsite and onsite. Onsite SEO refers to the changes made actually on the website whereas offsite SEO refers to the efforts taken from outside to help boost the rankings.

One of the most powerful techniques in Offsite SEO is what is known as 'Linkbaiting'. Linkbaiting is the process of encouraging people to naturally link to a website – the most ethical kind of link there is in terms of SEO. Linkbaiting provides Google and the other search engines with exactly what they specify – it provides users with something they find genuinely useful that they will want to re-share.

Infographics help with Linkbaiting when they are made to be particularly interesting. There are many ways of encouraging people to share content but the best/most efficient is to just provide something users will find useful and want to share with their friends. This shows search engines that the user has found the infographic useful and wanted to share this. Linkbaiting through infographics is an excellent way of achieving higher search engine positions. Encouraging Linkbaiting is something Weblinx have always done, with infographics, it's made easier.


There are many benefits to be reaped from creating and marketing infographics. They work very well with an assortment of Internet marketing aspects as well as with SEO. This is why Weblinx have started out with creating them. Weblinx provide a range of online marketing and SEO related services to help increase exposure and boost rankings.

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