WebSavvy Reveals How to Unleash the Power of Google AdWords’ New Auction Insights and Know Your Competitors

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Leaders in digital search marketing, WebSavvy, explains how the latest edition to the Google AdWords report suite, Auction Insights, empowers advertisers by giving them highly valuable insight into what their competitors are doing.

Auction Insights, brand new from Google Adwords.

WebSavvy reveals how Google AdWords customers can now discover competitor strategy, make better strategic decisions and potentially dominate their high-value keywords.

WebSavvy, one of Australia’s most respected digital search marketing agencies, reveals how Google AdWords customers now have the ability to observe and discover competitor strategy, enabling them to make better strategic decisions and potentially dominate their high-value keywords. The newly released report, Auction Insights, gives a direct window into how an advertiser compares to their competitors at the keyword-level, providing five important statistics: impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate, and top of page percent.

“Put simply, Auction Insights lets you see exactly what your competitors are doing for each keyword you target. For the first time it actually names all of your competitors and gives you a much more complete picture,” exclaims founder of WebSavvy and renowned Google AdWords specialist, Mr Mike Rhodes.

“It’s exciting because you really can use it to your advantage to make your strategies more effective which could subsequently save you big dollars.”

Each Auction Insights report contains the following statistics:

  •     Impression share. How often ads show compared to how many times they could show, based on the keywords and the settings they have.
  •     Average position. Where ads show on average for all impressions.
  •     Overlap rate. How often a competitor’s ad received an impression when an advertiser’s ad received an impression.
  •     Position above rate. When the advertiser and competitor both show at the same time – how often is the competitor showing higher up the page.
  •     Top of page percent. How often does an advertiser appear in the top position.

Using the five measures in Auction Insights, advertisers can keep track of their competitors over time, attempt to decipher their strategy and in turn optimise their own ads.

As Mr Rhodes points out, “You can use this report to make sure you’re not paying too much for your ads. If you’re number one without any real competition then you can try bringing your bids down to find the sweet spot.”

“Conversely, you can also make sure you’re not underbidding on particular keywords. This is the beauty of having impression share available for all keywords, not just the whole ad group – you can really hone in on the right keywords now.”

A further example is if a competitor is showing at a higher position, but only gaining 25% or 50% of the impression share – they could be limiting the time their ads are shown or running on a low budget. Or, if a competitor is increasing their average position over time, perhaps their ad copy is worth taking a closer look at.

Previously, advertisers have known what keywords drive customers to their own site, but it had been very difficult to get a real idea of what competitor strategy and activity was.

Using an adhoc search to test this was also fraught with danger due to the many variables that could affect the search. As Mr Rhodes explains, “Your competitor could be showing ads in different locations to where you are, different times of the day or just be having budget or AdRank issues.”

“If it’s a budget problem, you’re probably going to do a search when they’re not running an ad, which skews your research entirely.”

Mr Rhodes summarises this exciting new report from Google by saying, “Auction Insights gives you much more detailed information about your keywords than previous reports and therefore is much more actionable. In short, you can see what competitors are up to, and in turn use your money smarter to make your budget go further - something every advertiser is after.”

For more information about using Google Insights, visit WebSavvy.

About WebSavvy

WebSavvy specialises in Google AdWords marketing and was the first Australian company to be awarded Google’s Certified Search Partner status.

Founded by Mike Rhodes who is widely recognized as the leading Australian voice on Pay Per Click Advertising, the WebSavvy philosophy is simple: fast results for the best possible return on investment.

Their approach to integrated search marketing suits advertisers of all sizes and in addition to innovative Google AdWords campaigns, includes landing page design, tracking results and improving website conversion rates of websites.

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