Digital Scepter Announces Web Application Vulnerability Assessment Service

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Data security expert Digital Scepter combines manual and automated assessment to find vulnerabilities in web applications and websites.

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Our Web Application Vulnerability Assessment is an exhaustive, all-encompassing examination of your website that uses a range of techniques to find vulnerabilities before attackers do.

Leading network and website security provider Digital Scepter (, announced today the company’s new Web Application Vulnerability Assessment service to help organizations secure their data at the point where it is most exposed. As part of the service, Digital Scepter’s security experts can identify points of weakness in a website or web application and advise organizations on practical ways to protect their infrastructure and data.

“In our experience, attackers look for the most vulnerable targets,” says Jon Robinson, Director of Digital Scepter. “Often, these are vulnerabilities that remain invisible to the untrained eye, but provide easy points of entry for an experienced attacker. Even the smallest website security issue could give an attacker complete access to execute any code on your network, copy your confidential data, and bring your mission-critical systems to a halt. Our Web Application Vulnerability Assessment is an exhaustive, all-encompassing examination of your website that uses a range of techniques to find vulnerabilities before attackers do.”

In terms of website security, organizations need to protect their internal IT infrastructure, their confidential line of business data, and any stored customer data. Any breach can have a significant financial impact on a business, in addition to consequences for consumer trust and confidence. Although a website is essential, this is the point at which many organizations are most exposed to attackers and external threats. Traditionally, the most common threats include SQL injection to forcefully access data from SQL databases, and use complex, multi-page forms to execute remote code. However, the landscape of web application security constantly changes, with new threats and more sophisticated techniques emerging every day. As a result, conventional website security tools, including vulnerability scanners, do not provide an exhaustive appraisal of a website. Digital Scepter takes a more precise approach to web application assessment, using a combination of automated and manual methods.

“Website security scanners are fast, useful tools, but they deliver a large number of false negatives,” says Robinson. “They can only check as they have been programmed, and even if your software is updated regularly, no single software solution can analyze every type of application for every type of vulnerability. We deploy experienced analysts to emulate attacker techniques and detect issues scanners would usually miss. We also verify all vulnerabilities a scanner reports to ensure our final report is accurate, detailed, and practical.”

Digital Scepter’s Web Application Vulnerability Assessment service examines every element of your application and website, no matter how complex. Areas considered in the assessment include input validation, authentication, access control, and session management. Digital Scepter also runs business logic testing, something website security scanners are notoriously unable to offer. Once the assessment is complete, Digital Scepter compiles a clear and easy-to-understand report. The report features a convenient summary of major vulnerabilities and the current risk level of a website, in addition to more precise information on the vulnerabilities that have been found, the seriousness of the issue, and how the organization can remedy these vulnerabilities to improve security.

“As with all of our services, what makes our vulnerability assessments so useful is our focus on applied expertise,” says Robinson. “We use the tools available to us in terms of automated website security checks, but draw on our years of experience to deliver the most comprehensive assessments available. In turn, our expertise in security allows us to help organizations find vulnerabilities on their website and come up with a solution to solve the problem quickly.”

With diverse experience across network security and website security, Digital Scepter understands the full range of vulnerabilities that can leave an organization exposed to attacks via its website. Combining this expertise with powerful software solutions, Digital Scepter’s Web Application Vulnerability Assessments give organizations the intelligence they need to keep their data protected.

Customers interested in learning more about Digital Scepter and the Web Application Vulnerability Assessment service are encouraged to visit for more details.

About Digital Scepter

Founded in 2007, Digital Scepter is a leading California-based value-added reseller (VAR) of network security systems, including next-generation firewall protection, web security systems, and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Digital Scepter has extensive and authoritative understanding of the many threats facing businesses and institutions that connect to the Internet, and offers a range of services designed to identify security concerns and implement robust, dependable solutions. This is achieved through services such as an Application Visibility Report and penetration testing, after which a suitable solution can be designed and implemented. Solutions include products from leading vendors, such as Palo Alto Networks, Tanium, Imperva, and Splunk.

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