Finally! An On-site Search Engine Designed with Both Users and Site-operators in Mind

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A new Website Search service has been designed to bring advanced search capabilities to websites of any size. This innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) application was developed by search engine consulting firm Ivinco Ltd. Website Search, available at, is simple to incorporate into any website design. It is a powerful enhancement that improves user experience, client retention, and increases sales. To coincide with the launch, Ivinco Ltd. is offering their full feature Website Search service, free of charge for 6 months to those that sign up before December 21, 2011.

Ivinco Ltd, announces the launch of Website Search, a powerful, simple to deploy, on-site search application that helps make your content easier to access. Website Search is a remotely hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, as such; there is no added complexity on web systems. Ivinco Ltd is offering the full featured Website Search service free of charge to those that sign up for the innovative search utility before the 21st of December 2011.

Website Search is the result of far reaching research and development. Ivinco Ltd. has an extensive history in implementing and maintaining search engines for many companies, along with acclaimed contributions to open source projects such as MySQL and Sphinx. The search engine implementation experts have created a powerful, software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that is simple to deploy, inexpensive, and rich in features. Website Search is set up and maintained by the same experts that built it.

Adding an Internal Search Engine Enhances User Experience

Many modern websites contain hundreds and sometimes even millions of pages of content. The task of making all this content quickly accessible is quite complex and requires a high level of expertise. The use of search to make content available is the best solution, but many companies don’t have quality search engines on their sites because it is an expensive upgrade considering the costs of hardware and hiring professionals that know how to set up and maintain.

Website Search Includes Functionality that isn’t Available with other Solutions

Website Search proves to make both users and site owners happy. Users are able to find the information they are looking for in a simple and familiar interface. For example, advanced features such as “Recent Searches and Related Searches enhance the user experience by helping them discover more about their interests, and it also helps with SEO because it links interrelated content within the website.
For site owners, Website Search really puts them in the driver’s seat. The easy to operate control panel allows them to configure how content is delivered, with features that promote specific pages, and see valuable insights into the way users are navigating the site.

Industry Experts Recommend On-site Search

On his top rated blog, Occam’s Razor (, the web analytics guru, Avinash Kaushik, states that no company should underestimate the importance of an onsite search tool. “Internal site search is important for any website, analysis of the data captured can be very insightful and more importantly an actionable money making venture.”

Kaushik continues, “You should really care about analyzing searches people do on your website because it has become the most used navigation feature on your website. You can of course understand a lot better what people are looking for (intent) but more importantly you can see if the website is delivering.”

Best Site Search Solution - Why Website Search is the Best Option

“Delivering the exact information that users need quickly, leads to a solid company image, more sales, and higher customer retention rates.” explains Chris Morris, Marketing Director at Ivinco Ltd.

Website Search is set up and maintained by the experts at Ivinco Ltd. This ensures that clients get the most out of their easy to install search engine. The team takes customer service very seriously and has real people standing by to provide fast and effective online support.

Aside from delivering better control and results, Website Search stands apart from alternatives such as Google Site Search because of the level of service provided. The team behind Website Search is quite accessible and responds to questions and customer issues very fast. Unlike bigger companies that defer questions to forums and incomplete FAQs, Website Search provides real solutions within 24 hours of client requests.

Website Search takes the hassle out of implementing an onsite search engine and maximizes your company’s ability to retain clients and generate sales. With no need to install additional expensive hardware Website Search works from any CMS/Web platform. Chris concludes, “A simple installation process ensures the speedy and painless addition of this essential enhancement on your organization’s web properties”

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