Weight Loss Expert Reveals Ab Workout That Helps Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

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Weight loss expert reveals new abdominal workout that helps lose 10 pounds in a week. This new video series courtesy of AbWorkoutsforWomen.co is designed to help women shed extra pounds to look great in a summer bikini.

Weight Loss Expert | How to Lose Weight
The helpful information that we have put together in our video training series is women helping women through a variety of exercises and encouragement.

Weight loss expert has now revealed a secret abdominal workout routine that can help anyone to lose 10 pounds in a week. This workout regime was developed by a certified nutritionist to combine simple ab exercises into a woman's daily routine instead of fad diets or irregular eating patterns. This new video series is available courtesy of AbWorkoutsforWomen.co.

Over 50 leading nutritionists and fitness professionals were interviewed for this free video series that now gives away one of the biggest unknown secrets of achieving a leaner and more toned set of abdominal muscles. This new workout routine was designed strictly for women that are working hard to lose extra weight for the summer bikini season.

New data released by a leading retail sales data tracking agency reports that the average women will gain one dress size per year after age 30 without daily exercise. Most women that have children in their early to mid 30s represent the highest numbers of ladies that have increased waistlines each year. “We wanted to make it so that ladies didn’t stress over buying a new bikini this year,” said Julie Marciano, co-founder of AbWorkoutsforWomen.co. “The helpful information that we have put together in our video training series is women helping women through a variety of exercises and encouragement,” said Marciano.

Someone that is just 10 to 20 pounds overweight can have a 70 percent increase in risk for heat attack, stroke or high blood pressure according to published medical journals. The high caloric intake that many adults receive is helping to contribute to poor health estimates. Eating the right foods has been proven a safe way to lower blood pressure and decrease stroke risks but usually does not alter the size and shape of abdominal muscles. Simple exercises that any person can do in the comfort of home offer real results that are typically not possible with the latest diets or fad workout machinery.

The declining memberships reported by gym and fitness club owners in the last two years help validate the data and theory worldwide that America is now the fattest nation in the world. Adult obesity is now affecting over 70 percent of adults over the age of 25. The abdominal workout secrets revealed at the ab workouts for women homepage could help a lady of any age get into bikini shape in time for the sun and fun of the summer months.

About Ab Workouts for Women

Weight loss and fitness are two of the things that most ladies struggle with and a solution to this epidemic helped lead to the creation of AbWorkoutsforWomen.co in 2012. This leading fitness and weight loss resource online is now open to the public. There are many products and services that are sold for weight loss and this is one reason why AbWorkoutsforWomen.co provides its information for free. With an online presence and a great staff of compassionate employees, this 21st century company is helping to change the lives of women around the world trying to lose stubborn weight around their midsection.

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