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The new Weight Watchers Scale can help dieters to lose weight long term, as it helps them not only to measure their total body weight, but also to keep track of their body fat percentage, their hydration and accurately measure their body mass index. BurnFatBuilldStrength.com reviews the benefits of these scales in a new blog post.

Weight Watchers Scales come in many different designs and have a range of different features. The prime benefit of getting a Weight Watchers scale, especially for those on the Weight Watchers Program, is that it allows individuals to accurately track their weight so that they can judge how effective their dieting and exercise efforts have been.

Many basic Weight Watchers Scales simply track total body weight. The digital display will show the person their body weight which is accurate up to .1 lbs. Many models also allow dieters to record their original weight and also let them know when they have reached the first goal of losing 10% of their body weight.

Other scales go into even more detail and track body fat and body water percentage, along with accurately reading the person’s BMI and bone mass. This gives a more accurate idea of where the person is at when it comes to their overall fitness. These Weight Watchers scales use a technology called bio-impedance, which sends a safe electric current through the body and read the returning signal to accurately judge what percent of the body mass is fat, water, muscle, and bone.

This more detailed reading can help dieters to stay on track, even if they haven’t been seeing that much overall weight loss, as their body fat may have actually decreased while their muscle mass (which weighs more) may have increased. Keeping track of your weight is one of the foundational attributes of the Weight Watchers Program, and those who attend the meetings will know that there is usually a weekly or monthly “weigh-in” that helps dieters to stay on track for the rest of the week or month.

With these scales, dieters are able to keep track of their weight on their own, whenever they want to, in the comfort of their homes. This supplies many benefits to the dieter and as such these scales are great tools for anyone who is trying to lose weight or just simply live a healthier lifestyle. A full Weight Watchers Scales review gives more details about the various models available.

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