HungerShield Nutritionist Shares 5 Key Tools to Keep Weight Loss Resolutions

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The end of January brings the risk of easing up on New Year's resolutions to live healthier. Weight loss expert Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDE shares a list of 5 tools that will help people stay on track.

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Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDE

It is all about making mindful and conscious choices rather than indulging in haphazard and unplanned grazing throughout the day.

With January winding down, many are still in full swing working on vows to lose weight or improve overall wellness. Others may be starting to fall off track, despite the first signs of the fruits of their labor. Registered dietitian and HungerShield co-founder Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDE, shares five key tools to keep those promises for healthier living on track.

1. A good calendar app (or pocket calendar).
DeRobertis stresses the importance of planning ahead and commitment to scheduling. "Create appointments so you stay on track. If you don't have time blocked out, you won't get to it," says DeRobertis. "This means, a place for your weekly workouts, food shopping, and also time to prepare your meals and snacks. Find a system that works for you!"

2. A new pair of kicks, work out clothes you love, and a good playlist.
"Having something to jazz up your workout routine will make it easier to follow through," says DeRobertis. "Wear what makes you feel good and bring along tunes that will engage your senses and make it fun." DeRobertis also recommends finding classes that can be done with friends or family to promote support and variety.

3. New destinations with quality (and diverse!) produce options.
"Your best diet choices, especially if you're trying to lose weight, will be to choose high fiber, low calorie foods you enjoy," says DeRobertis. "You can do some amazing things with fruits and vegetables, but not if you're in a rut. Change it up by shopping at markets that specialize in fresh fruits and vegetables. Try roasting a new variety of veggies, or make delicious pureed soups that are low in calorie, comforting during winter months, and surprisingly filling!"

4. Snacks & strategies.
DeRobertis cites "strategic snacking" as a key success factor in meeting weight loss goals. This means having “pre-determined” and often “pre-portioned” meals and snacks at intervals throughout the day. "If you go too long without eating, it becomes harder to make the right choices," says DeRobertis. "It is all about making mindful and conscious choices rather than indulging in haphazard and unplanned grazing throughout the day."

With this in mind, DeRobertis worked along side three other nutritionists in developing HungerShield, an appetite control drink mix that provides a boost of protein, fiber and probiotics for only 40 calories. "HungerShield is an easy tool for someone with a busy lifestyle," says DeRobertis. HungerShield nutritionists have also posted low-calorie meal and snack ideas as "Tools & Tips" on their website.

5. A call for "likes."
Social media is used frequently to taut lifestyle aspirations and accomplishments. Why? Because it works! "One of the best ways to tell if folks are really ready to change is to see how many people they've shared their goals with. This is all a part of the commitment process," says DeRobertis. "You'll get motivational pats on the back, and possibly an exercise buddy at the same time!"

About HungerShield
HungerShield is an innovative appetite control drink mix created by four registered dietitians, Elizabeth DeRobertis MS, RD, CDN, CDE, Heather Zeitz RD, CDN, Elizabeth Pecoraro MS, RD, CDN and Dafna Chazin MS, RD, CDN. HungerShield is the only product on the market designed specifically to curb appetite through a unique blend of high quality and natural ingredients, including protein, fiber and probiotics. It is also the only product in this category that was created by healthcare professionals and can work with any diet plan on the market. For more information, visit You can follow HungerShield on Twitter @HungerShield and on Facebook.

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