HungerShield Nutritionist Offers 5 Tips for Summer Weight Loss Success

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Summer’s here! With all the invites for BBQs and cocktail parties pouring in, how can you keep yourself swim suit and sundress-ready? Here are 5 key weight loss and appetite control tips to keep in mind!

The Nutritionists Behind HungerShield

In reality, not every calorie holds the same importance to you.

Registered Dietitian and HungerShield co-founder Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDN, CDE, shares the following key tips to lose weight, control appetite or simply avoid weight gain this summer:

1) "Prioritize where you want to spend your calories," says DeRobertis. "In reality, not every calorie holds the same importance to you. Decide where you want to spend your calories, and then balance out your other choices with lower calorie foods. Also, be a detective and find extra calories in your day that can be cut out, especially if you know you’ll be indulging in extra summer-time events. Are you eating too much after work? Are you having too many snacks after dinner? Once you find the culprit, make a plan!"

2) "Make your food environment safe. This includes your home, your car and your workplace. Plan ahead to have healthy foods on hand. Throw out foods that are too high in calories or too tempting to overeat. Calculate the MPD - Maximum Potential Damage, this means the calories in the entire package of something (think cookies, chips, nuts). These foods can have a maximum potential damage of over 2000 calories per package! If you are at risk of eating it all in one sitting - it is a high risk food and doesn't belong in your safe food environment. We are faced with enough temptation everywhere else!"

3) Don’t drink empty calories. "Drinking a soda won’t help you to eat less, but it will add at least 200 calories into your day," says DeRobertis. Summertime BBQs also introduce more mixed drinks and alcohol. Calories can add up quickly! "Drink primarily water, seltzer and other calorie-free drinks. Choose a piece of fruit instead of drinking juice. Our HungerShield Drink Mix only has 40 calories and can be easily added to water as a refreshing and filling alternative."

4) Burn calories. "You don’t need to run a marathon, but you should have some consistent form of daily activity. Now that the weather is nice, no excuses! Try a pedometer and challenge yourself to increase your daily steps. My patients have been having great success with new technology motivating them to exercise more, many who come to see me love the FitBit or track their daily walks using apps like mapmyrun." However you choose to move, make this an appointment you can’t miss.

5) Turn on your internal GPS & recalculate quickly! Get back on track and move forward. "Life happens – there will be times you will eat more than you plan," says DeRobertis. "If you let a bad meal turn into a bad day, a bad day turn into a bad weekend, and a bad weekend turn into a bad week, you are going down a damaging path. Think about a GPS, you put in your destination and it tells you how to get there, if you go off track, it doesn't say 'you screwed up, so don't go there' it says 'recalculate,' and as long as this happens right away, your destination time may not change, or you may lose just 1 minute. The same thing goes for weight loss. The key is to recalculate and get back on track right when you fall off, and you will achieve your goals!"

About HungerShield
HungerShield is an innovative appetite control drink mix created by four registered dietitians, Elizabeth DeRobertis MS, RD, CDN, CDE, Heather Zeitz RD, CDN, Elizabeth Pecoraro MS, RD, CDN and Dafna Chazin MS, RD, CDN. HungerShield is the only product currently on the market that contains all natural ingredients, has high quality sources of fiber and protein as well as probiotic bacteria that promote digestive health. It is also the only product in this category that was created by healthcare professionals and can work with any diet plan on the market.

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