Weight Loss Seminar Free Replay From True Healthy Products’ Health Series With Dr. Gregory Is Now Available

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True Healthy Products’ new alliance with Dr. Gregory is offering a free replay of their Myths and Facts About Weight Loss seminars.


True Healthy Products’ new alliance with Dr. Gregory is offering a free replay of their Myths and Facts About Weight Loss seminars.

What is a calorie? Essentially, it’s a unit of measure. Basically, a calorie is roughly the amount of food energy it takes a 150 pound person to burn over the course of one minute while resting. Think about that. Let’s just say, we weigh 150 pounds. We work at a desk all day, we drive to and from work. When we get home, we watch TV. So 60 calories per hour, times 24 hours in a day is 1,440 calories per day for 150 pound person, just to sit still,” says Dr. S. Gregory on the Myths and Facts About Weight Loss seminar.

True Healthy Products has released a Free Live Replay of their Health Series Tele-Seminar on The Myths and Facts About Weight Loss. Want to learn more... listen to the entire Tele-Seminar being launched at: http://www.truehealthyproducts.com/tele-seminar.

The following excerpt was taken from True Healthy Products’ and Dr. Gregory’s Myths and Facts About Weight Loss seminar, “McDonald’s, the Big Mac and large fries...notice there’s no soft drink, we just put the physical food there or maybe a salad -- and you notice it says carbohydrate, 116 grams. Well, if you take 116 grams times four calories per gram, you’re actually taking in 464 calories in carbohydrates from your Big Mac and large fries. And then your protein is 31 grams of protein in your Big Mac at four calories per gram, so that’s 124 calories. Now, notice the fat. Your Big Mac and fries has 55 grams of fat at nine calories per gram. That’s 495 calories. You have more fat calories in your Big Mac than you do carbohydrate calories. Now, if you add all that up, your McDonald’s Big Mac and large fries totals in at 1,083 calories. Do the same math with one slice of super supreme pizza, carbohydrates, your proteins and your fats, you’ll find that that one slice of pizza represents 317 calories. Do the same math again with a skinless, boneless chicken breast, one cup of brown rice and one cup of broccoli. You take your carbohydrates times four calories per gram, your protein times four calories per gram, and your fat times nine calories per gram and you find that the total for your boneless chicken breast, your cup of broccoli and your brown rice, comes to 373.5 calories...”

Dr. Gregory offers a wealth of information on the Health Series Tele-Seminars with True Healthy Products. What you have read is just a snippet of what you can learn on these free tele-seminars.

True Healthy Products is a nutrition company dedicated to offering the best customer service and latest products that range from all natural sports nutrition supplements, healthy dark chocolate, weight loss programs, revolutionary skin care and whole food vitamin supplements. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their Health Series Tele-Seminars with Dr. Gregory at http://www.truehealthyproducts.com/tele-seminar.

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