Top 7 Reasons Why America Is Overweight Revealed by Doctors Research

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Americans continue to gain weight, with no end in sight. Now, based on years of helping people lose weight, the doctors at WeightWorks reveal the Top 7 Reasons responsible for an estimated 95% of all weight gain and subsequent weight loss failures.

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These 7 Reasons wipe out the best results of most weight loss programs within 6 months

After years of helping people lose weight for life, the doctors at WeightWorks have compiled the definitive guide to the Top 7 Reasons Why America is Overweight.

"So many people are well-intentioned about losing weight, but never are given the right insights as to why they gained the weight in the first place," said Dr. Russell Blackwell of WeightWorks. "This increases an already high risk of weight loss rebound within 3-6 months of completing any program."

To help combat weight gain, the doctors of WeightWorks have published their Top 7 Reasons Why America is Overweight. Although the truth may hurt, the message is simple - - eliminate any one these reasons to bring about measurable and lasting weight loss.

In ascending order of importance, here are the Top 7 Reasons why America is Overweight:

#7 - Not Reading Labels
"Low-fat" is not enough. Many low-fat foods are high in sugars and additives which affect the insulin balance and digestive effectiveness. Better to have foods with lower sugar content and natural ingredients. Inclusion of some healthy fats is generally better than the "low-fat" alternative.

#6 - Eating Out Too Often
Eating out is fast, easy and cheap. The downside is that eating out generally involves less healthy foods than that prepared at home. Pizza, burgers & fried foods but are common enemies when it comes to weight gain. A wide range of cooking/recipe websites make tasty (and healthier) meals possible even for the non-chef.

#5 - Over-sized Portions
Whether at a restaurant, grandma's house or just at home, it's super-easy to eat more than is needed. Large portions are the norm, with second helpings added if the food is good. The trick to get past this one is smaller portion sizes without a second helping or dessert, or perhaps only a small dessert.

#4 - Too Much Sugar
A super-size fountain drink tastes so good going down, but includes as many calories as an entire meal! On top of that, the sugars are stored as fat more quickly than proteins or other foods. For best results, substitute unsweetened green tea or water for better weight management. Even diet sodas are preferred to their sugary counterparts.

#3 - Not Enough Sleep
Staying up late with the TV or getting up early for work often results in just 5-6 hours of sleep. Operating on less than 7-8 hours leaves a feeling of lethargy from a slower metabolism and extra hunger from hormonal imbalances. A perfect storm for weight gain - but one that is easily dissipated with a little extra sleep.

#2 - Too Much Stress
When it comes to weight gain, excess stress is worse than eating chocolate. Too much stress for too long upsets the hormone balance, exaggerates eating and the ability to correctly process those foods. Cutting the stress, even if it means relaxing with a (small) piece of chocolate, is a key component of successful weight management.

#1 - Bad Habits
Individual bad habits are Weight Gain Enemy #1. Just as good habits promote good health, bad habits promote and accelerate weight gain. Whether it is a soda habit or eating as an emotional response, bad habits kill off best intentions every time. Success with any weight loss program must therefore include support for behavioral change.

The doctors at WeightWorks recognize that structured weight loss programs are the best way to beat the Top 7 Reasons for successful and lasting weight loss.

Accordingly, WeightWorks is now offering 50% off the cost of any initial doctor consultation to determine reasons the first 100 readers from across America. This consultation will reveal the reasons for prior weight loss failure and provide specific recommendations for future weight loss success that can be used with any weight loss program.

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