A Must For the Health and Diet Conscious: The TOUCHSTONE, the First Personal Electronic Muscle Tester Small Enough To Fit In a Pocket Or Purse

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The highly portable and unique TOUCHSTONE has been created for consumers who wish to experiment with muscle testing to help them make healthy choices. Consumers can test foods for diet and health purposes, and test themselves for allergies against products, supplements and even pets. Consumers can also examine their decisions and thought processes for motive and intent.

This is such an unusual instrument, with so many uses, that no one will want to be without one

VitaScans Inc of Santa Cruz, California announces the availability of the TOUCHSTONE, a unique pocket-sized microprocessor controlled muscle tester that indicates whether a food, supplement, or product could cause an allergy or other health issue, or whether a pending decision or personal relationship is potentially detrimental, beneficial or neutral to an individual's well-being.

CEO and co-founder of VitaScans, London-born technologist Peter Mackeonis, who has a successful track record in licensing technology products to companies such as IBM, LG and Atari, at the beginning of what became the PC Revolution, and backing a number of successful 'alternative' websites, sees the TOUCHSTONE as an important tool that could influence the way individuals make choices. He also sees it as a potentially important diet tool.

"This is such an unusual instrument, with so many uses, that no one will want to be without one," said Mackeonis, continuing, "It's also amazing at tapping into a person's natural intuition. We first showed the TOUCHSTONE in its prototype form to attendees at a recent LOHAS show, and, although everyone was impressed by the design, some were skeptical about our claims. Bu,t when they used the TOUCHSTONE in conjunction with a personal question or issue, everyone was amazed at its accuracy in interpreting their 'inner voice'."

Since then, VitaScans has been contacted almost daily by consumers, health practitioners, dietitians, psychologists and distributors around the world, who are intrigued by this new innovative personal wellness tool.

The TOUCHSTONE is the only available portable personal muscle tester for those who wish to have some help with the choices they make on a daily basis.

"Few people realize that they might be experiencing mild allergies to various foods and products," stated Mackeonis. Whether someone is experiencing a mild allergic reaction to their cologne, lotion or shampoo, the plastic that their water comes in, or to the sulfite content of a particular wine, the TOUCHSTONE could well identify troublesome areas for the consumer," he added. "The potential for personal discomfort is everywhere, and, therefore, so is the need for the TOUCHSTONE. We firmly believe that everyone needs at least one tool to help them navigate their way through the minefield of the many and varied foods, beverages, products and supplements that are available today," Mackeonis concluded. When asked whether he could envisage consumers using the TOUCHSTONE to test products in stores, he responded, "Why not, people squeeze avocados, tap on melons and read labels, so, the TOUCHSTONE may give them some additional insight."

Educational and reseller discounts are available and VitaScans has an active reseller program. The TOUCHSTONE costs $149.95 and can be ordered direct from http://www.VitaScans.com for immediate delivery.


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